FLATsite is a WordCamp Mexico Silver Sponsor

FLATsite is proud to be a silver sponsor of WordCamp Mexico 2020. (This year’s event will be held from November 25th to 28th.) To help spread the WordPress love, we’re giving away 50% off any FLATsite product for a whole year just for signing up! (You can also click here to book a meeting/demo.)

If you don’t know why we’re so excited for WordCamp Mexico, it’s probably because you’re new to the WordPress community – which is totally fine, by the way. The WordPress community is massive, and it can be overwhelming to mingle with so many people who are passionate about building excellent websites. But the great thing about the WordPress community is that it’s made up of people who are as warm and friendly as they are knowledgeable.

If you’ve never heard of WordCamp, here’s a quick guide:

What’s WordCamp?

WordCamp is a global WordPress conference that takes place every year. WordCamps are different from ordinary WordPress meetups and conferences because WordCamp events are all officially endorsed by the WordPress Foundation.

The fascinating thing about WordCamp is that even though it’s a global conference, each WordCamp is put on by a specific community. So, for instance, WordCamp Austin is held in Austin, Texas, and WordCamp Mexico is held in Mexico. Each community that puts on a WordCamp event adds its own personal flair, which means that if you attend ten WordCamp events, you’ll have ten completely different experiences!

Who can go to WordCamp?

WordCamp events are open to anyone who wants to attend, but you’ll get the most out of it if you care about the topics that are typically discussed: WordPress SEO, analytics, design and development, and how to make money using your WordPress website. If any of these topics sound like they’re right up your alley, save the dates (November 25th to 28th) in your calendar!

What’s special about WordCamp Mexico?

WordCamp Mexico will be put on by the official WordPress communities in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Tijuana, Puebla, Pachuca, Monterrey and Querétaro. And remember: Because the event is put on by the WordPress community in Mexico, it’ll have all the warmth and friendly atmosphere for which Mexico is so renowned. You can also look forward to lots of presentations from some of the most knowledgeable WordPress experts in Mexico.

More reasons to attend WordCamp Mexico

  • You’ll learn about interesting niche areas that have been flying under the radar.
  • You’ll meet experts who can give you excellent advice about getting the most out of your WordPress website.
  • You can form lifelong friendships. (Many close friendships start at WordCamp events!)
  • You can share your own WordPress tips and tricks with other attendees.
  • You’ll hear information-packed presentations from local WordPress experts.
  • This year’s event will be online. (You can listen to presentations from WordPress experts without even having to leave your bedroom!)

Here are some of the exciting presentations you can look forward to:

Presentations to look forward to at Wordcamp Mexico

  •  “Starting an eCommerce Business: From Idea to First Customer” (Jonathan Wold)
  • “Get the Hooks Right in your WooCommerce Checkout” (Adrian Cobo)
  • “Keys to Managing Software Projects” (Noemi Ieon)
  • “5 Steps to Consider for your Digital Project Launch” (Roberto Becerra)
  • “How to Create a System to Generate Leads on Facebook Ads” (Andrew Cadmiel)
  • “Advanced Scraping Techniques to Create Automated Content and Monetize” (Arnold Mañozca)
  • “How to Create Your Online School, Step by Step” (Jean Saldana)
  • “How to Check if My Website is Accessible” (Roberto Remedios)
  • “How to Create a Career as a WordPress Developer” (Frank Calderon)
  • “An Introduction to Using C-Learning with WordPress” (Jose Bernave)

And many more!

See FLATsite at WordCamp Mexico 2020!

FLATsite won’t have any speakers at this year’s event, but we’re a silver sponsor, so we’re still really looking forward to having the event go off without a hitch. At FLATsite, we have a soft spot for WordPress, because our flagship product is a static site generator that makes your WordPress website faster, sleeker, and cheaper to host!

To learn how, check out FLATsite’s amazing features that let you use WordPress on the backend while making your website static on the user end. You’ll also learn about our unique staging environment that lets you test your site before launch and about how you can use one dashboard to access all your WordPress websites. (And not to brag, but we’ve also launched a free serverless WordPress plugin.)

Wrapping up

WordCamp Mexico 2020 will be a historic event, not least of all because this will be the very first virtual event.

Get your free tickets here and take a spin of FLATsite. Choose the best plan here.

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