WordCamp Italia & FLATsite 2020 Recap

The future is all things virtual and the future starts now! Especially during this global lockdown, that has significantly affected social gatherings and has created a new norm. But, the wheels keep turning and we all have to make the best of every situation – even this one. That’s why not even a pandemic could prevent the highly anticipated WordCamp Italia 2020!

Clearly, it was impossible to physically meet up. So, for two awesome days, October 16 & 17, hundreds of attendees hopped online to support the Italian WordCamp community. WordCamp Italia was the ultimate opportunity to meet sponsors, network, and discuss all things WordPress.

FLATsite was among the Platinum sponsorsof the event. Before we even brag about how awesome the event was and how happy we are to have contributed to its success, here’s a little about what WordCamp is. If you are passionate about WordPress, I’m sure you already know, but for the newbies, worry not-we’ve got you!

What’s WordCamp?

It’s a known fact that WordPress is the most popular and Content Management System, CMS. It has over 60% of the market share and over 24 million live sites. So, it’s no surprise that WordPress has a globally themed and organized conference known as WordCamp.

Since 2016, WordCamps have been attracting tons of WordPress users and fans from all over the world. Since inception 1071 WordCamps have been held across 6 continents, 65 countries and in 259 cities. Pretty incredible, don’t you think?

WordCamp Italia 2020 Highlight

Exciting workshops, conferences and networking were anticipated for the two-day event and boy did they deliver.

Day 1: Contributor Day

All the stops were pulled out for WordCamp Italia 2020, Contributor Day, showcasing how WordPress keeps evolving and amassing huge support.

Experts weren’t the only ones to contribute to the day’s event. It was open to everyone who wanted an opportunity to share and learn.

The fact that you are here, you probably are already an active WordPress Community contributor. And if you are, you already know that Contributor Day is always an extraordinary day… and this year was no exception. It did not disappoint!

WordCamp Italia Contributor Day had tons of exciting information for everyone. Working groups covered Accessibility, Community, Core, HelpHub, Polyglots, Support, Themes and WPTV.

Day 2: Online Conference

With a full day of sessions, games and activities and with a cool yet organized schedule to help, attendees could jump from workshop to workshop, participate in activities and quizzes with web hosting service providers who integrate WordPress into their platforms. They also got to meet some of the faces and teams behind some web hosting giants.

Some of the exciting topics covered during the online conference include:

  • UX Writing: Short texts, happy clients
  • Essential metrics to increase the quality of the User Experience on websites
  • GDPR & Ecommerce with WordPress: practical aspects to sell safely

As mentioned earlier, FLATsite was a proud Platinum Sponsor of WordCamp Italia 2020. So naturally, during the sponsor break, Fabrizio Lucenti, FLATsite Business Developer educated and impressed attendees on: ‘The secrets of static WordPress sites and how to use them to optimize your business’.

Enthusiastic attendees also kept us busy and benefited from a wealth of information in our virtual both which was open for the entire duration of the final day of WordCamp, on October 17.

A Virtual Fiesta

Every bit of information a WordPress enthusiast could be excited about was shared. From themes and plugins development to security, from digital marketing to local community stories. And the best part is, you didn’t even have to leave your house. Once you had a functioning smart-device and a steady internet you were in.

Attendees weren’t bored, they had the option of choosing where to be and when. They watched live presentations then moved from one breakout room to another to chat and exchange with each other. Pretty much socializing and networking from their couches with hundreds of like-minded techies, web developers, Developers, marketers, bloggers, influencers, designers, content creators. Now that’s a dream!

What does FLATsite do?

FLATsite is a static WordPress generator that makes it super simple for everyone to turn their WordPress websites into a static website whether you are a freelancer, developer, work with an agency or just a regular Joe or Jane. This gives you the chance to enjoy all the benefits of WordPress, with none of the other stuff you may not like. Check out the site there’s usually a special offer you can benefit from.

That’s a Wrap!

Although 2020 has been a trying year it has still yielded success for WordCamp Italia! For the first time the two-day conference was held online and it was a huge success! Catch you guys next year for WordCamp Italia. Who knows, maybe it’ll be right here online! But if this year’s staging is anything to go by, it will be epic!

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