Why Make Your Website Static in the First Place?

Like chokers and oversized pants, static websites are making a comeback. You see, in the olden days, almost all websites were static. They couldn’t be changed on the user end. If you wanted to change the content on a website, you needed to have access to the backend. Content Management Systems like WordPress made websites more interactive, but they came with a price. They made websites slower, more vulnerable to attacks, and more expensive to host. And then along came FLATsite to save the day with its WordPress static site generator.

FLATsite’s static site generator and WordPress manager lets you keep all the fun of WordPress without the security issues, speed, or high hosting costs.

But before we can get into static site generator themes and why FLATsite comes out on top in every static site generator comparison, you need to know what a static site generator is.

What is a WordPress static site generator?

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This is an online static site generator that turns dynamic WordPress websites into static websites. All you have to do is run your website through our platform, and our static page builder will give you the benefits of a static website without having to give up everything you love about WordPress! That’s because FLATsite uses headless WordPress technology to separate the backend of your website from the frontend. So, you’ll get to use WordPress like you normally would, but our static HTML site generator will deploy the website to your users as a static website.

Learn what a static web page is here.

Why you need a WordPress static site generator:

1. Your website will be faster

When you use an online static site generator to convert your WordPress website into a dynamic website, your website will load more quickly than you ever thought possible. An online static site generator makes your website faster because static websites have no database. So instead of having to build each webpage from scratch every time a visitor requests it, your server will simply show your visitors the pre-built html version of your webpage. This results in lightning-fast loading speeds!

2. Your website will be more secure

WordPress is great at creating gorgeous, interactive websites, but WordPress websites are also some of the most frequently hacked websites on the internet. That’s not because of any flaw in WordPress itself. It’s because WordPress powers so many of the world’s websites that many hackers have become quite proficient at hacking WordPress websites in particular.

However, when you use a static html site generator, hackers can’t attack your website’s database because static websites have no database. Static websites also can’t be changed from the user end.

So, when you use a static html site generator, your website will be completely secure.

3. Your website will be more reliable

If you’ve owned a website for a while, you’ve likely come across a slew of database-related error messages. When you use a static page builder, you don’t have to worry about these, because no database means no database-related errors. Another reason your website is more secure when you use a static page builder is that if the server is ever attacked, your website won’t be completely hobbled like it would if you had a dynamic website. Instead, your website will be redirected to the closest node, and your visitors won’t even notice that anything went wrong!

4. Your website will be cheaper to host

What is a static site generator’s biggest benefit? It removes the database from your website. And if your website has no database, it will take up less space on the server, which means your website will be much cheaper to host!

5. Your website will be easier to scale

If your website starts getting lots of traffic (Yay!), you’ll have to update your server with complicated code. But when your website is made up of static HTML files, you can easily scale up your website by simply increasing the bandwidth.

6. Management will be a breeze for agencies

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FLATsite is great for developers and agencies, because our platform makes it possible to manage hundreds of websites through a single dashboard. And because the WordPress code is stored on a separate server from the static website, your pages will load in the blink of an eye. Combine the single-dashboard feature with the lightning-fast loading speed and lower hosting cost, and it’s no wonder FLATsite is the secret weapon of some of the most successful agencies.

7. PBN owners can generate more profit

If you have a Private Blog Network, you know how quickly hosting costs can skyrocket. FLATsite helps you keep your hosting costs down while you expand your network. This means you can quickly build an arsenal of fast, secure websites far sooner than you’d be able to if you didn’t use a drag and drop static site generator. We also have special packages for PBN operators, so you might want to check those out so you can start elevating your network.

8. Your maintenance costs will be lower


When you use the best static site generator, your maintenance costs are lower because we’ll automatically update WordPress for you. And because your static website never changes unless you manipulate it through the backend, your website is safe even if you don’t install an important update. If something goes wrong with an update, you can even revert to an old version of your static pages, and your website will be right as rain again!

9. You can get lots of static site generator themes

One of the best things about WordPress is all the themes you can use to enhance your website. Static site generator themes help your website run faster and attract more visitors.

Of course, with FLATsite you have the entire WordPress theme marketplace at your disposal. Create your website and our platform will convert it to static in minutes. Plus, you can make updates just as you would on WordPress without any long wait.

10. Test-out Bootstrap WordPress themes

Some people are nervous about using a static site generator. Bootstrap themes make it easy to create gorgeous websites that are still lightweight and secure.

Even if you use the best static site generator, Bootstrap has many forms, buttons and other design elements that make your website stand out. This static site generator Bootstrap combination will make your website have the feel of a dynamic website without any of the bulk.

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Now that you know why you should go static, here’s how you find the best static site generator:

What is the best static site generator?

We don’t want to toot our own horn here, but the best static site generator is objectively FLATsite. FLATsite is a fully equipped drag and drop static site generator. What we mean is, all your favorite WordPress drag and drop themes are available ion FLATsite. Plus, even lets you preview your website and test it before you launch. And the websites you create using FLATsite will be much faster than those you create with any other drag and drop static site generator.

In every static site generator comparison, FLATsite outpaces all other static site converters. Here’s a static site generator comparison between FLATsite and some of our competitors’ page load speed. (This table shows the Google Page Insights score (out of 100) of websites that use FLATsite and those that use our competitors.)

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So, it’s not just the testing environment or the fact that FLATsite doesn’t tie you to any particular web host – giving you full freedom to choose whichever host you’re most comfortable with. FLATsite is also much faster than other static site generators. These are some of the reasons FLATsite is the best static site generator.

Wrapping up

FLATsite makes your website faster, more reliable, more secure, and more lightweight. And as if that’s not enough, FLATsite also makes your website cheaper to host! If you want to keep reading about reasons to go static, check out our post on seven reasons to go static. And be sure to check out FLATsite’s packages for agencies, SEO experts, developers and PBN owners to start earning more revenue from your websites.

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