What to Expect at WPFest 2021 Summit

Even though COVID-19 has put a stop on many events over the past eleven months worldwide, one event that is still on our radar is the Virtual WPFest 2021. The virtual WPFest is schedule to take place from January 9 – 10 and FLATsite is here to take you along.

WPFest is a highly anticipated WP summit to help you learn from experts. Keep all eyes on WordPress blogging, strategies and techniques to up your market as well as developmental tips. COVID-19 has forced most of us to work from home, so obtaining more guidelines as it relates to remote working and ensuring that our internet is secure will certainly helps us adjusting to our new norm. There are early birds free tickets so hurry and grab yours before they run out.

What to Expect at Virtual WPFest

  • How to Use WooCommerce Webhooks?
  • Legal and Intellectual Property Issues for Online Business Owners and Developers
  • Leveraging the power of composer in WordPress projects
  • How to Increase E-commerce Conversions
  • Business Strategy for WordPress Consultants
  • Blogging and Marketing
  • WordPress SEO Made Easy
  • Online marketing strategies for small businesses in post-Covid19 world.

Why Should You Register For WPFest?

Get SEO tips from Rank Math experts

Chief Marketing Officer of Rank Math Bhanu Ahluwalia will simplify how to effectively use WordPress, SEO along with other tools to increase the workflow while optimizing your website.

Get your Intellectual Property questions answered

Ankur Raheja from Cylaw Solutions and Rodney Ryder from Scriboard will provide legal and intellectual advice on possible problems and solutions that online business owners and developers may encounter. They will also provide tips on how to select a suitable brand names for new companies, requirements as it relates to Brand/Trademarks, protection of content/ source code under Copyright Law.

Increase e-commerce your conversions

Increasing engagement, lower customer acquisition cost and increasing store sales are the ultimate goalmouths of an e-commerce. Do you want to learn how to achieve all these successfully? Well, join Topher DeRosia from Camber Creative as he breaks these down in simple steps.

Still not convinced?

How are your blogging skills? Would you like to learn how to create a top-notch blogging website while boasting your SEO? Do this and learn how to Render Automation and Integrate Social Media in WordPress.

Programmer/WPPersona Gnanasekaran Loganathan will break this down in simple stages that will make your lives easier and your site successful.

Zero Point Development-Wil Brown will enlighten us about webhooks and how you can use them to integrate WooCommerce with other third-party systems, automating processes like cart abandonment.

Business Strategies from WordPress Consultant Aurovrata Venet shed some light on how we can develop long-term, trustworthy business partnership with clients after the being challenged by COVID-19.

FLATsite Platinum Sponsor

FLATsite will not have any speaker at this year’s event however we are platinum sponsor. So the event is likely to be huge a success. FLATsite is giving 50% off any of their product by signing up here. Plus, you can receive a seven-day free trail. Are you curious on how it’s done? Click here to book a meeting/demo.

For more information about FLATsite check out our free serverless WordPress plugin as well as free Serverless WP form.


Attending Virtual WPFest 2021 is a great way to start your year. You will be equipped with all the right tools to ensure that you and your website are winning. Who does not want to start off winning? See you at WPFest.

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