Catch us at the Virtual WordCamp Austin

WordCamp is the most anticipated global WordPress conference of the year. And just when you thought WordCamp couldn’t get any better, this year (on October 9, 2020), WordCamp Austin will be entirely virtual. You won’t want to miss out on this historic online conference with some of the most passionate WordPress experts in the world!

What’s so great about WordCamp Austin?

You already know that WordPress is one of the biggest, most popular CMS in the world and that it powers millions of websites, from cat blogs to government portals. At WordCamp Austin, we bring together WordPress experts and newbies for an one-day conference, where we get to share our tips, tricks and techniques for getting the most out of WordPress.

And since Austin is known for being the birthplace of some of the world’s brightest music stars, WordCamp Austin will be jazzing up the event with musical performances from members of our very own WordPress community! Between sessions and during the afterparty, you’ll get to enjoy the musical stylings of Scott Sanders (a classically trained composer and synth enthusiast), Brad Miller (a singer songwriter who has two indie records under his belt and an EP coming out this fall), Graham Armfield (a joy to listen to on his acoustic guitar), and so many more talented musicians!

It’s not just the music that makes WordCamp Austin worth tuning in to. The organizers of WordCamp Austin know that what you’re really there for is the chance to trade tips and tricks with WordPress enthusiasts and to expand your network. That’s why, this year, the organizers have found a way to recreate the warm, friendly atmosphere of WordCamp Austin by bringing the community together in an online social space called Mozilla Hubs. We’ll even get to have a virtual experience of the after-party that WordCamp is so famous for!

And this year, FLATsite will be a platinum sponsor, so you won’t want to miss out on that, either.

What’s so great about FLATsite?

Not to toot our own horn, but FLATsite has been making huge waves in the tech industry. FLATsite is an innovative static WordPress generator that will change the way you create and interact with WordPress websites.

Here’s how:

WordPress is great, but it can be time consuming to manage multiple WordPress sites. And when you have multiple websites or when your websites start getting more traffic, hosting will get expensive fast.

FLATsite makes it possible for you to work with the intuitive WordPress interface on the backend without exposing your website to hackers and bots or slowing down your website. That’s because when you use FLATsite, you can manipulate your WordPress website on the backend (complete with your favorite themes, plugins, and tools), but when you push the website to a server, it’s launched as a static website!

Static websites are faster and sleeker than traditional WordPress websites, but that’s not all.

When you use FLATsite to turn your WordPress sites into lightweight static sites, you can get away with hosting multiple WordPress sites for ridiculously cheap, and you don’t even have to worry about logging in on multiple dashboards. FLATsite lets you use one single dashboard to manage all your WordPress sites!

No wonder FLATsite’s been making such a stir!

Why is FLATsite different from other static site generators?

Most static site generators are plugins, which means they don’t have the rich features of FLATsite. With FLATsite, here are just some of the fantastic features you get:

  • Step-by-step static deployment
  • Staging environment
  • Built-in static security

And so many more features than you get with a simple plugin! That’s because FLATsite isn’t a plugin. It’s a management platform with super secure servers and a built-in static generator.

But, speaking of plugins, FLATsite is proud to announce a new feature we’ve been working on.

FLATsite just launched a free serverless WordPress plugin!

FLATsite’s serverless search plugin is the #1 WordPress Search plugin for serverless WordPress websites. We have tons of experience helping websites convert to static HTML sites so they can be faster, sleeker, and more secure. Now, we’ve finally created a serverless plugin to help you activate the WordPress search engine without using a database!

And the best part is that our plugin is responsive and compatible with other static websites (not just those created using our platform) and compatible with most themes!

You can visit our virtual booth at Virtual WordCamp Austin to learn more!

Will there be speakers from FLATsite at the event?

We won’t be speaking at this year’s event, but we’re looking forward to chatting with you in our virtual booth!

Will there be discounts?

Of course! We’d never pass up an opportunity to introduce fellow WordPress enthusiasts to our exciting static WordPress system. Just ask a FLATsite rep for the discount code during the summit to get 50% off ALL FLATsite plans for a year!

Wrapping up

FLATsite has been making major strides in the world of tech, and we want you to be a part of our groundbreaking innovation. Come see us at the Virtual WordCamp Austin event to learn more about WordPress and about our static site generator and our new plugin. Ask one of our reps for the special code, and you can even get a whopping 50% off your FLATsite plans for one whole year!

See you there!