What is the use of WordPress Multisite?

WordPress Multisite allows you to run several sites off a single installation of WordPress. In other words, it grants you the ability to manage a network of websites from one place.

It is imperative that you understand WordPress Multisite’s pros and cons, just as much as you understand its uses. Below is a list of WordPress Multisite pros and cons, plus you’ll discover what is multisite option for WordPress for. All our tips will help you better decide whether WordPress Multisite is right for you.

WordPress Multisite Pros

  • Through a Super Admin user, you can manage all sites from the same dashboard.
  • Themes and plugins only need to be installed once, then you can activate them across all sites.
  • The Super Admin updates the themes and plugins for every site all at once from the master dashboard.
  • WordPress Multisite shares one installation of the core code.

WordPress Multisite Cons

  • Plugins are typically created for single sites and as a result, not all plugins work with Multisites.
  • If you are being hacked it will affect all the sites.
  • If there is big traffic on one site, it can affect the speed of other sites of the network.
  • Migrations are complex because each site shares one database. Migrating one site off your network is a complicated, time-consuming task.

Now that we’ve covered the various WordPress Multisite pros and cons, let’s look at its uses and the benefits to your website.

WordPress Multisite Uses

If you’re wondering how to multisite WordPress, don’t worry, w’ll get to that but first let’s explore the uses. WordPress Multisite is extremely useful and is a perfect fit for website developers, managers, promoters, and digital content marketers. There are several Multisite options for WordPress. Here’s a list of the uses of WordPress Multisite.

Provides Multiple Access Points for Seamless Management

Using regular WordPress, there is a single administrator role with full management access to the website. However, WordPress enable Multisite, to let each site have its own administrator from one central point. Here, the main site has a Super administrator that has access to all the content on every site.

The administrators of the other sites, referred to as subsites, have no access to the network’s other sites or the hosting URL. Additionally, there is the Network Administrator who manages the content on a network-wide basis. The Super admin or someone who is granted access by the Super admin is the only one(s) who can gain network-wide access.

Shared Code and User Base

When using WordPress Multisite you will note that the code and configuration for the sites are shared. This means that developers specifically don’t have to code different sites individually if there are updates or other changes that need to be made network-wide.

Community Networks

When various community groups and organizations require an internet presence, this is typically costly. However, using a Multisite network to host the sites of many groups can save money and increase the opportunities for those groups to network with the others.

Additionally, you can add plugins that allow site users to communicate with each other in the admin panels, as well as exchange material across sites. Charities, NGOs, and educational institutions are examples of small and large organizations that utilize WordPress Multisite.

Using FLATsite instead of Multisite

We suggest you use FLATsite to create, manage and secure your WordPress site efficiently. After doing so, enjoy the benefits of high-speed websites that are also maintenance-free and cost-efficient.

Why Make Your Website Static in the First Place? - Image 2

Running a WordPress Multisite network can seem appealing at first. However, let’s not for get a key vulnerability of WordPrees – security. With multisite this doesn’t go away. So, using a platform like FLATsite significantly reduces the chances of your websites getting hacked or compromised.

WordPress Multisite is not for everyone. FLATsite is helping people to eliminate the need for Multisite and instead provides a secure and comprehensive platform that runs highly secured servers for you.

FLATsite is also an excellent method to monetize your WordPress sites through ads or even PBN services. You may utilize your money site or the site where you want to lead clients to make an action.

FLATsite allows you to create and manage secure websites from a single dashboard. We offer a staging environment that is secure, maintenance-free, and allows you to save money. Your website files are locally stored on the FLATsite server. That’s not all, you’re able to choose the cheapest hosting plan on the web, using just the disk space.

In conclusion

Using WordPress Multisite can provide you with a platform to host multiple websites and manage them on your own or independently – all from one access point. However a static platform like FLATsite offers login protection, easy installation of themes and plugins, remote servers, and a more efficient way to secure and navigate your websites. If you’re ready to upgrade to a better WordPress platform for managing static WordPress sites, check out FLATsite solutions. You can start today for $1 when you select any plan here or signup for a free consultation with a FLATsite WordPress expert here.

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