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FLATsite is the perfect solution for both beginner and advanced SEO experts. It provides an initiative dashboard to manage hundreds of WP sites and built-in static generator. It makes managing a lot of WordPress sites hassle-free, fast and easy. You can edit, duplicate or simply copy and paste other blogs.

Use a headless WordPress site as your landing page. You can still implement your favourite plugins like contactform7 & Gravity Forms.

Our platform also works seamlessly with SEO optimised images, Google Analytics, RankMath, Yoast SEO, and many more.

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Flatsite features

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Faster Load Speed

No more slow loading sites! When you load static sites, you don’t have to worry about a slow server anymore. Give end-users maximum speed for their ads, and static sites. If you help clients that run ads on media and have peak traffic, why are you not static yet?

No Attack Point

When you create websites on FLATsite, your WordPress backend is hidden from would-be hackers and internet bots. Instead, site visitors see a static website clone of your WordPress site.
Get private access to your WordPress backend through a secure FLATsite portal.

Cut Hosting Fees

Converting to static HTML can help you reduce use of computing resources on your cloud or hosting package – saving you hundreds of dollars a year. It lets you build and deploy tons of STATIC sites on a single shared hosting account.

No More Caching Problems

Static sites are on average 4 times faster than regular WordPress sites. Most agencies are either over-caching, under caching or trying to find the perfect balance. We get it, you are not all caching experts. Luckily, FLATsite renders your entire WP site to STATIC HTML, so there’s no need to cache anymore.

Never Forget Passwords

FLATsite connects to any FTP/SFTP that you want to host your sites. Simply login to FLATsite, connect to your WordPress backend and manage all your (clients’) websites. Working with teams? Simply, set rules and give employees or clients access to their sites on FLATsite. It’s a safe and secure way to boost your team’s productivity!

Go Green, Save the Planet

We only show site visitors the essential of your website – a static copy. This is what the client browsers read. Plus, it’s faster with fewer browser requests, no PHP or database to check and no extra work for your server. Therefore, your website saves a lot of power consumption.

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30 days Money Back Guarantee

SEO Benefits

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“Move your WordPress sites from anywhere”

Do you have your WordPress sites hosted somewhere else? Do you cry every month when you receive your hosting bill? We understand, good WordPress hosting can be expensive. Don’t worry. We created tons of guides on how to convert any site to our platform and they’re 100% free.

We built FLATsite to be the easiest and 100% autopilot solution for building and managing your static WordPress sites. No time to transfer the sites yourself? Contact our sales.

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One Dashboard

Manage All Your Sites From a Single Dashboard
“Meet digital success faster with our easy-to-use dashboard”

FLATsite will help you eliminate problems by providing a secure dashboard you can access with 1-click. You no longer have to fish around endless excel sheets to locate passwords and logins. So, you remove the risk of accessing unsecure documents filled with passwords.

Just activate WordPress in your FLATsite account, to get instant access to your backend. Login once and you’ll never have to type ever again.

30 days Money Back Guarantee

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No technical skills required

Not only is our software easy to use, but it comes with video tutorials, documentation, blogs AND a full support team.

Extremely fast

You can put our software to work TODAY and start building sites and optimising on FLATsite for even faster loading static sites.

Smaller budget, more results

It’s a cost-effective way to start ranking FAST. Once on FLATsite you’re DONE buying expensive security software and over-paying for hosting.

Easy to Use

It’s one of the easiest web-tools you’ll ever use. FLATsite automatically updates theme and plugins cutting hours of maintenance work.

Test us and reach your SEO Goals Faster.

You’ll love it when you do!

FLATsite is Designed for Your Marketing Success

Marketing Success

SEO Enthusiasts Love FLATsite

"I've been exploring the FLATsite offering for a while now and it's very useful - especially for #speed and #security if you're running multiple WP sites."
Neil A.
Neil A.
Domain Investor
"FLATsite’s setup is awesome. My PBN team didn’t waste any time figuring out their system. It’s simple, easy to monitor and send to teams is cut in half. Plus their technical support team is responsive and knows the platform in and out. Two thumbs up."
Roselyn B.
Roselyn B.
SEO Agency
"Glad to join FLATsite, definitely planning to develop more sites and the platform is a lot easier than my previous provider. Overall excellent platform and support. My sites are faster, and I’m saving a lot on hosting."
Matt L.
Matt L.
PBN Agency


Yes. FLATsite is your all in one platform to develop, manage and deploy static sites. You’ll still need to connect your SEO tool (Yoast or RankMath), Google Analytics and optimise your site like you would for other dynamic sites.
The fun part is, once you optimise your site you lock the changes by converting them to static html pages. Your plugin updates will never affect your static site, and your visitors see you site in seconds. 

Yes. Yoast SEO and RankMath SEO tools work great on WordPress sites in FLATsite! We’re always testing new tools and will update you when others are added to our compatible tools list.

Of course, we understand that your clients never asked for a static site. Static sites are not something that is widely known among people who are not from the technology industry. You and I both know all the benefits, so why not advise static sites as part of your services?
WordPress accounts for more than half of online hacks last year. FLATsite solves WordPress security issues by converting sites to static Html – impenetrable by hackers. Built with security in mind, FLATsite comes loaded with WordPress built-in, a development and Staging environment, your beloved WP themes and plugins, a static generator and a single dashboard to manage your sites.

The advantages differ for every client. What can be an advantage for one client, can maybe be a disadvantage for the other. FLATsite static sites you can use on basically on all your projects, but first listen to your client’s story, you will then find out if going static is really something for them? Maybe because of the speed? Or security? Or the workflow? 

When a website is converted to a static site, it loses all the dynamic functions like database connection. So, WordPress plugins that require a Database interaction to work (like login, transactions, etc.), will most likely not work on FLATsite. But don’t worry, FLATsite has a way around this.
We suggest adding dynamic functions on a subdomain like we do. Notice on FLATsite we have a login and other dynamic functions like a contact form. You’ll find these on our ‘’ url. Our clients have adapted this practice too giving them access to ultra-fast and secure websites – ideal for SEO.

Yes, you can. We offer FLATsite for different levels and business sizes. Plus, you can easily upgrade whenever you want, and you’ll just pay the difference.

No, we do not provide content for website. However, FLATsite supports Spintax, so one piece of content goes a long way.

FLATsite was built for everyone who has a passion for WordPress and manages multiple WordPress websites. Our customers are WordPress developers, WordPress agencies, PBN managers, SEO experts and much more.