It’s a Wrap: SEO-Day 2020 & FLATsite Highlights

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and a science. So, when the SEO-Day conference comes along and demystifies the art of playing search engines like a fiddle, it’s no wonder website owners flock to it. If you missed out on our discount code at SEO-Day 2020, we’re giving you a second chance: Right now, we’ll give you 50% off ANY FLATsite product, just for reading this write-up! Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity to see how FLATsite solves your biggest SEO problems!

We were happy to meet so many of you at SEO-Day 2020, and we’re stoked you got to be a part of this historic version of this annual SEO conference.

Why SEO-Day 2020 was such a big deal

SEO-Day is a famously good place to mingle with SEO experts who will happily help you unlock the secrets of SEO, but the main reason we were eagerly anticipating this year’s conference was the dramatic shift in format: SEO-Day 2020 was the first completely virtual version of the SEO-Day conference, and we were excited to see how the organizers would translate SEO-Day’s warm, friendly atmosphere to a virtual platform.

We were not disappointed.

SEO-Day 2020 had an amazing online debut!

With over 2,800 registrations, it’s safe to say that the new virtual format did nothing to dampen the spirits of our fellow SEO enthusiasts. (This is especially amazing when you remember that last year’s in-person event had around 900 participants.) And the organizers of SEO-Day 2020 bent over backwards making sure that the online format was just as warm and engaging as the in-person conference. (Though we’re still looking forward to seeing your enthusiastic smiles in person again!)

All the lectures were livestreamed, and participants got to choose one of four streams in which to watch the presentations on YouTube. In the fifth stream, Fabian Rossbacher (the organizer of SEO-Day 2020) and seasoned SEO experts gave their commentary on individual presentations. This stream was completely free and open to all German speakers who wanted to tune in!

The conference was warm and interactive

As the organizers promised, participants were allowed to ask questions during and after each presentation via WhatsApp, and these interactions helped infuse the online format with some welcome warmth.

Speaking of interacting, if you were worried that SEO-Day 2020 wouldn’t be as good because there were fewer opportunities for mingling, all fears likely faded when you saw the chatroom. The inviting virtual meeting room gave participants the chance to make new friends and exchange brilliant ideas about SEO and about website-building in general.

We’re glad SEO-Day 2020 went off without a hitch because we had a huge reason for being invested in its success:

FLATsite was a platinum sponsor of SEO-Day 2020!

That’s right! This year, we decided to help sponsor the beloved event that brings so many of our fellow SEO enthusiasts together. It’s only right. After all, we love SEO, you love SEO, the organizers of SEO-Day love SEO. It was bound to happen, really.

As platinum sponsors, here’s a bit of what we got up to at SEO-Day 2020:

  • A 30-minute speech by our CEO, Frederick Schiwek, explaining why FLATsite is the ultimate tool for SEO experts
  • An exciting mingling session in the live chat room
  • Giving away an exclusive discount when you asked our reps for the secret code

In case you haven’t heard:

What’s so great about FLATsite?

We’ve been mentioning for a while now that FLATsite is a powerful secret weapon for SEO. We’re not just tooting our own horn. It’s true.

You see, FLATsite is a static site generator, which means it takes your dynamic WordPress website and turns it into a static website. And static websites have all kinds of great features that make them superior to dynamic websites when it comes to SEO.

Static sites are faster, more secure, and cheaper to host than dynamic websites. That last bit (the “cheaper to host” part) is exciting news for your wallet, but the first two features – speed and security – are the main reasons static sites send your SEO skyrocketing. (For more reasons you might want to switch to a static site, check out this post on the SEO benefits of static sites.)

FLATsite is all about finding new ways to boost your SEO. In fact, we have even more exciting news:

FLATsite just launched a serverless search plugin!

In fact, FLATsite’s serverless plugin is already the #1 plugin for serverless search on static websites! And one of the most exciting things about our plugin is that it works wonderfully whether you built your static site on our full-featured platform or using another platform!

Wrapping up

SEO-Day 2020 was everything we could have hoped for, especially when you consider that this was the first time the event has ever been completely virtual.

Congratulations to the organizers for putting on a stellar event and for attracting more than double the participants we had last year! You really outdid yourselves, and we’re so glad we got to be part of it.

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