Secure Your WordPress Sites on FLATsite

Powering a whopping 30% of all websites on the internet, WordPress is the most popular CMS by a mile. This also makes WordPress the most popular target for hackers. Even if you have an itty-bitty blogging website, your site could still be swept up in a mass hacking event. That’s why it’s so important to build secure WordPress sites. In this guide, we’ll tell you how FLATsite helps you to secure WordPress sites that you create.

Let’s get into it:

What is FLATsite?

FLATsite is a static site generator, which means it helps you turn dynamic websites – like WordPress websites – into static websites.

set up website on flatsite
FLATsite backend with access to multiple WP sites.

One of the best things about FLATsite is that it lets you keep all the things you love about WordPress without risking any of the vulnerabilities. At FLATsite, we use headless WordPress technology to separate the backend of the website from the frontend. This means you can use beloved WordPress themes and plugins on the backend, while deploying your website as a static site. You can then push the site to any secure hosting company you like.

How FLATsite helps you build secure sites

1. It’s easier to convert to a static site

FLATsite’s intuitive platform makes it easy to turn your website into a static site. Static websites are objectively more secure, because a static website can’t be changed on the user end – it can only be modified by whoever has access to the backend of the website. This gives the superadmin more control over how and whether the website is edited.

Also, static websites have no database. This means that cyberattacks like SQL database injections and XSS attacks are completely powerless against static websites.

2. Keep your premium WordPress themes

FLATsite is compatible with all WordPress themes, including premium themes. Premium WordPress themes are often more secure than more basic themes because they’re more rigorously tested, they’re more consistently updated, and they’re less likely to break your website.

3. Get secure login with IP restrictions and blocking

Static sites manage security from the server side, which means you don’t need to bother with installing security plugins and software. FLATsite runs highly secure servers with IP whitelist limitation access and a hybrid of Iptables and fail2ban firewall.

4. No need to memorize your WordPress passwords

FLATsite is a lifesaver for people who run agencies and need to manage thousands of websites, because FLATsite has a single dashboard that you log into only once. From this dashboard, you can manage every one of the websites in your portfolio. You don’t need to store a password list that can be misplaced or stolen.

If you have a PBN or create lots of websites for an agency, you’ll adore this feature.

5. Only the superadmin can set rules

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Having more people who can edit and set rules for your website creates more chances for someone to forget to do something that’s crucial to your site’s security. With FLATsite, only the superadmin can set rules. You can then create restrictions for your team members and developers, so you can minimize access points to your website.

6. There’s a change log to track edits

FLATsite’s change log is easy to use and easy to read. There’s also no chance that you might forget to add an item to the change log, because each change requires a description for the log, and the admin must approve each change before it’s pushed to the website. All of these features make it easy to secure your website.

7. FLATsite keeps dynamic code on a separate server

WordPress Static Site infographic

With FLATsite, your static site is hosted on a separate server – not on the physical web server that hosts your website. So, if there’s ever a successful cyberattack, the original site can easily be uploaded to the hosting provider’s server without missing a single beat. This gives you an extra layer of security.

8. FLATsite is compatible with SSL certificates

An SSL certificate provides a layer of encryption between your website and the wider internet. This makes it harder for hackers to read any data that they do manage to get their hands on.

FLATsite is compatible with SSL certificates, which means you can add yet another layer of protection to your website.

9. FLATsite provides automatic updates

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All WordPress users know the feeling of dread that comes with missing an update. But with FLATsite, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting an update again. That’s because FLATsite automatically updates WordPress on the backend, and all you have to do is push the updates online.

Also, static sites remain the same until they’re edited from the backend, which means your plugins will still work, and your site won’t be vulnerable to attacks even if you don’t immediately push the update online.

10. Headless WordPress makes your website more secure

When you create your WordPress site, you can use the code editor function in your dashboard to edit your theme and plugin. If hackers gain access to your WordPress admin panel, they can inject malicious code into your theme and plugin.

Sophisticated hackers can make this code so subtle that you don’t even realize it’s there until the damage has already been done. But because FLATsite uses headless WordPress technology, hackers can’t access your admin panel.

Wrapping up

FLATsite turns your WordPress website into an impenetrable fortress. It’s also insanely affordable and accessible. Check out our website, so you can start building more secure WordPress sites!