Make Your WordPress Site Unhackable

Go static to avoid hackers and get top-notch WordPress security to protect your website.

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FLATsite splits WP sites in two sections: frontend & backend. Your WordPress admin stays on FLATsite’s secure servers and your live website converted to pure static HTML on a different one. There’s no database & Nothing to hack.

Easy Setup

Just import your existing WordPress website from dynamic to static easy and fast with the All-in-One WP Migration tool! Or quickly create a static WP site directly on FLATsite.


If you manage multiple WordPress sites, you will find FLATsite makes it mega-easy to manage and secure all your sites on one easy-to-use dashboard!

Integrated Staging

Make changes on your own via your WordPress admin – which is plugged right into FLATsite. Preview and test in our built-in staging environment to avoid mistakes. Then push your error-free content to your live website.

Easy Steps to Get Unhackable WordPress Sites

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Step 1.

Get a Static Site on FLATsite

Easily switch to a static site with FLATsite. Just create a static website or migrate an existing dynamic site.

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Step 2.

Get Secure Login with IP Blocking

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to a secure portal equipped with IP blocking and firewall to access your WP admin area in FLATsite.

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Step 3.

Static Sites on a Separate Server

We keep your WordPress sites safe and secure on our remote servers. Then generate a static clone of your site to export to your hosting server.

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Step 4.

Setup Secure Access for Teams

FLATsite is built for teams and individuals providing a secure entry point to all authorized users.

Ready to Get an Unhackable WordPress Site?

FLATsite is the only tool you need to manage and protect all your WordPress sites.

Why Get An Unhackable Site?

Secure your hard work and protect all your websites easily with only one secure platform to protect all your WordPress sites.

Discover the advantages FLATsite has for Agencies, Developers, PBN Manager and SEO Experts!

And of Course, Every WordPress User!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course! You still have access to plugins as WordPress is integrated on the FLATsite server. This means, you can access and install most of your favorite plugins directly from the WordPress Plugins library. So, which plugins? You can access tons of essential plugins like: search, blog, forms, calendars, maps and much more thanks to our innovative tool.

Also, we even created two must-have plugins FLATsite Serverless Search and FLATsite Serverless Forms – ideal for all static sites.

We’ve put together a massive list of tested plugins that work seamlessly on FLATsite. Access our Plugins’ Library here.

That’s a definite yes! The beauty of FLATsite is, WordPress is plugged directly into the interface. So, you get all the perks of WordPress, but with better service, speed and best of all it will be static. How does this work? Well FLATsite houses your Dynamic WordPress Admin (Backend), so you can make edits just like you would in the traditional WordPress setting. The big difference is how you enter your WordPress admin area. You’ll get a secure login with IP-blocking to thwart unwanted access. Once you log in (assuming you’ve already connected your sites), you can click on the website “backend button” to edit your website. It’s that easy.

Take a look at this support article with snapshots.

Yes. You can use WordPress form plugins along with FLATsite’s serverless plugin. We’ve successfully tested these contact forms with the serverless plugin, and they work great. For the best experience, we recommend Contact form 7. Discover our extensive list of recommended plugins here.

Yes, you can create eCommerce sites and add plugins to enhance your site. Here’s a complete list of plugins.

When it comes to the WordPress security of dynamic versus static websites, the clear winner is static sites! Why? It’s simple, static sites do not have databases as a result they are less exposed and not vulnerable to malicious request online. A visitor can request only HTML, JavaScript, CSS and media like images, audio and video. There’s no database to snag and a user cannot use an application to cause damage to the site.

Dynamic sites require a database. This in turn makes them mega-vulnerable online. WordPress databases are easier to corrupt than a static site with no database. In fact, if something happens to the live static site, you can simple re-upload the site back to the live server with the original file (kept on a different server).

FLATsite static sites are more secure because:

  • It eliminates the risks of getting malicious requests
  • Our WordPress backend is housed on highly secure servers (shield with IP-blocking and Firewall)
  • It’s harder to corrupt static files
  • Remove WordPress Security issues
  • Auto-updates WP plugins to latest versions with WordPress security patches.

No, you will not need WordFence or other WordPress security plugins because FLATsite already has built-in security to protect users from intruders and attacks. It works extremely well to give WordPress sites stronger defense against cyber-attacks.

  • Secure login backed by IP-blocking. IP-blocking helps to restrict login access to set countries.
  • Firewall integrated to thwart unauthorized access. While firewall works to quickly identify and obstruct malicious traffic.
  • Auto-update WordPress themes and plugins. This removes vulnerabilities of outdated themes and plugins.
  • We split WordPress in two parts, admin (backend) and website (live site/frontend) then keeps them on separate web servers. Giving you added WordPress security for your site.
  • FLATsite exports web pages as static HTML. Static sites do not have a database and are unsusceptible to malicious requests.