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Easily to Build & Manage WordPress Static Sites

We’ve made FLATsite easy to use with a simple user interface. It’s the ideal solution to build and manage all your private blog networks.

FLATsite comes loaded with WordPress. You only need to create your website and install your WordPress theme and plugins – then repeat. It’s that easy. Plug in hundreds of unique WordPress PBN static sites in FLATsite with the IP address and nameserver directly from your hosting provider.

One dashboard is all you need to manage your WordPress PBN. Enhance your workflow with FLATsite – your#1 PBN creation service.

Remove Security

Remove All Security Issues

The moment you switch to FLATsite, you get increased static security. Plus, your WordPress backend will be hidden from would-be hackers and internet bots. Site visitors always see a static clone of your WordPress PBN website and only you (and your team) can access it through a secure private gateway.

Don’t forget, static sites don’t use databases. So, your worries about getting a cyber-attack through your database, are over! Plus, static HTML ‘remains static’ until you deploy a new copy. Therefore, your site will never break when your WordPress theme or plugin updates.

Zero Footprints

No Footprints. Grow Your WordPress PBN How You Want

Build as many PBN WordPress static sites as you want, without worrying about leaving footprints. Grow fast with FLATsite’s easy to use PBN creation service. Just connect to FLATsite, start building WordPress sites and scale up on storage any time you want.

Grow your team with our cheap PBN service. As your team grows, set rules and assign them new websites. Just follow these steps to set your team roles.

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Simply Connect

Simply Connect IPs & Servers From Anywhere

Use FLATsite to connect to any web host you want! FTP or SFTP makes it easy to connect any IP from different web hosting companies. This makes it possible for you to use as many IP addresses as you want on your network.

Build Private Blog Networks that look 100% natural. Once you connect FLATsite to your hosting, there’s no need to worry. You’ll be able to deploy changes with a single click. Updating your WordPress PBN static sites is easy and super-fast! Just check our real user feedback below!

Users Love FLATsite

"I've been exploring the FLATsite offering for a while now and it's very useful - especially for #speed and #security if you're running multiple WP sites."
Neil A.
Neil A.
Domain Investor
"FLATsite’s setup is awesome. My PBN team didn’t waste any time figuring out their system. It’s simple, easy to monitor and send to teams is cut in half. Plus their technical support team is responsive and know the platform in and out. Two thumbs up."
Roselyn B.
Roselyn B.
SEO Agency
"Glad to join FLATsite, definitely planning to develop more sites and the platform is a lot easier than my previous provider. Overall excellent platform and support. My sites are faster, and I’m saving a lot on hosting."
Matt L.
Matt L.
PBN Agency

90.3% of users see an increase in page load speed for their PBNs on FLATsite


95.8% of users would recommend FLATsite to their friend

* Source: FLATsite User Survey 2020

Build Your PBN with FLATsite

No credit card required.


We fully understand that HTML code should be unique and therefore do not add information to indicate websites use the same system. This would be lethal for SEO.

Yes. The beauty of FLATsite is that you can connect all your hosting accounts under one roof. You only need shared hosting for the HTML output of your sites. The actual WordPress sites are hosted within the FLATsite app.

Yes. In fact, our system not only takes care of the fundamentals (upgrades, backups, security), but we also build a complete management system for mass content posting and similar tasks.
So, you don’t need another management platform like CMS Commander, MainWP, Infinite WP, ManageWP, Network Crusader or any other. FLATsite is your all-in-one tool.

At this moment, no, but FLATsite is completely optimized for fast, secure and easy WordPress hosting. When you get a hold of how easy it is to use, you’ll never want anything else.

It’s highly unlikely it would happen because we keep your actual WordPress sites hidden from the public. In addition, we use a mix of IP blocking technology like iptables and fail2ban firewall. Nevertheless, should one occur, we’ll fix the issue for you.

There are absolutely no bandwidth limitations. However, we’ve carefully planned packages with limited space per gigabyte – GB. We allow hosting of videos, large images among other large files. You can even create high-traffic blogs (10,000+ visits per month). All this is possible because your static site output will be sent to your hosting provider of choice.

To be frank, nobody can, and anyone who promises 100% uptime ought to be viewed with suspicion. Nevertheless, FLATsite converts your WordPress blogs to Static HTML that will be pushed to your own hosting providers. So, if you use leading hosting companies, we are confident that your uptime will be close to 99.9% and excellent across the board.

Here are a few hosting companies with 99.9% uptime who have partnered with FLATsite for hosting.

We don’t allow any illegal topics or hate speeches. Please review our terms of service for more details.

No, FLATsite is not an SEO host. SEO hosts are known to use their own IPs and servers however we host everything with top hosting providers. This means if you wish to connect your FLATsite output to any hosting provider you can, including an SEO Host. The choice is up to you.

Glad you asked! FLATsite is the market leader because it not only provides a platform for PBNs but also is an all-in-one WordPress management platform and static generator. We’re taking SEO, security, workflow to a higher level.

No, we do not provide content. However, FLATsite supports spintax, so one piece of content goes a long way.