Easy Guide To Migrate Your WordPress Site To FLATsite

So, you have heard of FLATsite’s headless WordPress technology and would like to know more. Maybe you have heard of FLATsite’s approach to website management and would like to migrate your WordPress website. Possibly, you do not know of the many advantages FLATsite can offer on how you manage your WordPress website. Today, you will learn what headless WordPress technology is, as well as how you can migrate your WordPress site since you will obviously want to switch from your current host.

How does FLATsite work?

In order to appreciate how FLATsite works, it is important to understand how WordPress works. WordPress packages frontend and backend operations together. This simply means that to create a website, you log into your WordPress dashboard and manipulate server settings, website design and every other function needed to have a successful website. Headless WordPress separates these two operations (frontend and backend) into independent functions.

So while the frontend appearance, hosted by WordPress, would remain relatively the same, your backend functions would be carried out with FLATsite. Representational State Transfer, Application Programming Interface (REST API) makes this separation possible. APIs are crucial since they act as bridges between your WordPress frontend website, and your FLATsite backend dashboard. Whether you have multiple websites, or just one, FLATsite provides you with one dashboard from which you control your entire website operations.

10 Reason to choose FLATsite

There are benefits from this arrangement, such as being able to have fully functional static websites that are easy to access and update. Here are a few of the primary features:

  1. FLATsite offers better security for your static sites with headless WordPress technology. Your website and the WordPress backend are separate.
  2. No WP databases – this means fewer server queries which lets users access your site faster.
  3. Static sites load web pages faster – ideal for SEO.
  4. One dashboard – manage hundreds of websites within FLATsite.
  5. Cut hosting costs. Flat static sites require just a little disk space to function which can save you hundreds on your annual web hosting fees.
  6. FLATsite plans are scalable. Develop as many websites as you need and monitor just your data usage. When you’re ready to upgrade, it’s a fast and seamless process.
  7. Oneclick staging environment. See changes on your site in “safe mode” with your own staging environment in FLATsite. Each WP instance gets its own staging so you can preview changes before pushing them to your live site.
  8. FLATsite retains your WP backend. Design your sites fast and easy with the dynamic tools in your WP theme. FLATsite converts the finish product to a static HTML site in minutes.
  9. Built for Teams. Take away the hassle of managing multiple WP sites with FLATsite teams. It lets you set user roles for Editors, SiteAdmins and ‘super’Admins. Users will only have access to sites assigned to their teams. Learn more here.
  10. FLATsite uses the All-in-one WP migration tool. It’s very efficient and is the easiest and fastest way to migrate multiple websites to FLATsite.

How to migrate your WordPress website to FLATsite

Now that you have come to see the benefits of this separation of functions, you must now learn how to migrate your WordPress website to FLATsite. As with anything WordPress, there are plugins to help you with just about anything.

There are several plugins that can help you to migrate your WordPress website. However, FLATsite recommends All-in-One WP Migration for this task. To use this plugin to migrate your WordPress website, you need to first secure hosting services with FLATsite.

Install the All-in-One WP Migration plugin

  • From within your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Plugins’ from the list left of the screen
  • Select ‘Add New’.
  • Enter ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ into the search bar right of screen.
  • Click ‘Install Now’ when results are populated followed by ‘Activate’ when the button changes.
  • All-in-One WP Migration is now visible in your list of available plugins and is ready for use.

Migrate your WordPress site with the plugin

  • In WordPress, click on ‘All-in-One WP Migration’ from the ‘Plugins’ option left side of the new screen.
  • Select ‘Export
  • From the green drop-down menu at ‘Export to’, select ‘File
    • This will automatically bundle up your WordPress website as a .wpress file, and download it to your computer.
    • You can also use this as a backup, so consider saving the file in a secondary location.
  • Install the same plugin from within your FLATsite dashboard
  • This time instead of selecting ‘Export’, select ‘Import’ to migrate your WordPress website
  • Click on ‘Import from’ from the green drop-down menu, and select ‘File
  • Follow the path to retrieve the .wpress file, click ‘Open
  • The migration of your WordPress website has now begun
  • Click ‘Proceed’ after migration has been completed
    • Don’t forget to attend to your permalinks when prompted to do so.

The Wrap up

Managing WordPress sites can be a hassle. Thanks to FLATsite, you can manage all your WP sites from a single dashboard. The benefits include better WP site security, fast static site generator and better workflow for teams. If you already operate several websites, transferring them to FLATsite is easy task with the All-in-One WP migration tool.