WordCamp Italia is Coming up

The first WordCamp Italia online will be on the 16th and 17th of October, and you’ll get to talk to us in the FLATsite virtual booth! 

What’s WordCamp Italia? 

WordCamps are informal events organized by WordPress enthusiasts just like you. It’s a global conference where everyone who loves WordPress – from casual users to core developers – can share ideas and get to know each other better. It’s a great way to learn more about how to make money using WordPress, as well as all the amazing WordPress innovations you might have missed! 

WordCamps all have their own unique vibe depending on where they’re hosted, so WordCamp Austin will have a slightly different flair from WordCamp Italia, for instance. But no matter where you experience WordCamp, you’ll get fun, information-packed sessions on how to get the most out of WordPress, how to develop plugins and themes, how to improve your security, and more! 

WordCamp Italia is the WordCamp that’s organized by the Italian WordPress community, so this WordCamp will have an Italian flair, and you’ll get to network with WordPress newbies and experts about groundbreaking WordPress innovations! 

Not to be all braggy about it, but FLATsite (a platinum sponsor of WordPress Italia) has made huge strides in WordPress innovation. 

FLATsite is a full-featured static WordPress generator that makes it easier to manage your WordPress websites. 

What does that mean? 

Well, a static site is a website that doesn’t display dynamic content. This makes static sites a lot like newspapers or brochures, because the content on a static website doesn’t change on the fly. To change the content on a static website, you have to change it on the backend. Here’s why that’s great: 

1. Static Sites Load Faster

Static WordPress websites are faster than traditional WordPress sites, because static websites have no database. That means that when a visitor requests a webpage, the website is immediately delivered. 

2. Get Tougher Security For Your Site

Static WordPress websites are also a lot more secure than traditional websites. There’s no database when you have a static website, which means that a lot of the usual attack methods in a hacker’s bag of tricks just don’t work. SQL database injections can’t happen if there’s no database to inject. And malware can’t be injected either, because only the people who have access to the dashboard can change a static website. 

3. Use WordPress and the Plugins You Love

With FLATsite, you get to keep all your favorite WordPress features, because on the backend, your website still acts like a normal WordPress site. It’s only when you push the website to a server, that it’s launched as a static site. This helps you protect all your login information and plugins from hackers and bots, all while enjoying the WordPress plugins and themes you know and love! 

4. Save Money by Hosting Static WP Sites

Static websites are also cheaper to host than traditional WordPress sites, because they’re so sleek and lightweight that they take up hardly any space on servers. This means that instead of having to get increasingly bloated hosting packages as you get more WordPress websites or start gaining more traction on your WordPress sites, you can use a cheap hosting plan without taking a hit to your efficiency! 

Learn more about FLATsite Features here.

Why You Need FLATsite?

There are lots of plugins that turn dynamic sites into static sites, but FLATsite is different, because it’s not a plugin. It’s a website management platform with secure servers and a built-in static site generator. 

With FLATsite, you can log into a single dashboard and manage all your WordPress websites, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple user information for multiple dashboards. With FLATsite, you get step-by-step static deployment and a staging environment for your websites. 

Come talk to us at the FLATsite virtual booth to learn more! And ask a rep for the special code that will give you 50% off all FLATsite plans for an entire year

You’ll also want to talk to us about this super secret project we’ve been working on: 

FLATsite just launched a free serverless plugin! 

This plugin is compatible with all static sites – not just the ones you create using FLATsite. Our serverless search plugin is the #1 WordPress search plugin for serverless WordPress sites, so now you finally have a way to activate the WordPress search engine without using a database! 

Here are some of the great features of our amazing, open source plugin: 

  • Fully JavaScript powered 
  • Lightweight script and index files 
  • Automatic search replacement and widget available 
  • Search in posts, pages and custom post types, like Events, Portfolio items, and more 
  • Highly compatible and responsive 

Wrapping up 

WordCamp Italia will be online this year, and we can’t wait to see what tweaks the organizers have made to the event to transfer this lively, in-person conference to a virtual platform! And we’re super excited to see you, too! Come talk to us in our FLATsite virtual booth, and don’t forget to ask for your discount!