Manage Multiple WordPress Sites on One Dashboard

If you’re looking for an easy way to manage multiple WordPress sites, a single management dashboard is what will work best for you. FLATsite will give you the freedom and convenience you are seeking because it’s the top solution for a blog static site generator.

Here, we will explore how FLATsite makes it easy to manage multiple WordPress sites using a single management dashboard.

Go static with FLATsite

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As you know, WordPress sites are dynamic by design and because of their dynamism, they can have very slow page-loading times. When converted to static, your WordPress sites will run faster and smoother. FLATsite will allow you to securely convert all your WordPress sites to static through its all in one platform and will take only a few minutes.

Additionally, FLATsite is an all in one WordPress security and firewall plugin provider that is easy to use. It can definitely help to save you a lot of time in managing all your WordPress sites while keeping your plugins up-to-date.

The advantages of using FLATsite

1. An easy management system for developers and agencies

FLATsite makes it possible for you to manage multiple WordPress websites from one single dashboard. Because FLATsite is also a blog static site generator, your web pages will load faster and will enhance the reputation you have as an agency with your clients.

Maintaining FLATsite is cost-efficient and only requires one login, allowing you to work from a single dashboard.

2. Fast page-load time

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If your web pages take forever to load, your users are likely frustrated and you’ve probably lost quite a few. Consider that a thing of the past with a blog static site generator such as FLATsite. It converts all your web pages without the need for communication to databases (which usually adds to the slowing down of websites).

Static sites will load in a flash because they do not require the same amount of extra resources during traffic spikes. Because each page is static, you may scale up your website without having to switch hosting plans, which is generally more expensive. With static pages, there are no negative impacts on the visitor experience based on fast loading speed.

3. Traffic spikes are scalable

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Traffic spikes on websites occur when they gain significant popularity. A sudden increase in website traffic can affect its resource capacity and overload your server. This downtime can affect your business significantly and as such, converting your WordPress sites to static will help significantly.

4. Easy to maintain

There’s no need to be concerned about obsolete software plug-ins because your static website, built with a static site generator, is a straight replica of your dynamic pages. WordPress upgrades happen in the background. If you want chances to reflect on static pages, you must deploy them there. These static pages are exceptionally low-maintenance because they are effectively a snapshot in time, giving you more time to focus on your website and growing your business.

5. Improved WordPress Security

Not only does FLATsite allow you to have 2 or more WordPress sites on a single dashboard, but it also enhances security.

WordPress as mentioned earlier is the most widely used content management system. This makes it a prime target for hackers due to its open-source status. When you use a static site that FLATsite offers, you don’t have to go back to databases and scripts every time one of your web pages loads. This eliminates potential security flaws like SQL injections and cross-site scripting. These are the most common methods for hackers to obtain access to a website’s files. For WordPress code, FLATsite static sites provide great protection.

6. Inexpensive

Managing your static sites in one place doesn’t have to cost you a lot. In fact, it’s cheap to do so. On a low-cost hosting package, a static site uses only a small amount of disk space. Static site pages also function far better while demanding far fewer computational resources.

Wrapping up

If you remember from above, FLATsite not only provides a single dashboard to make WP site management easier but there’s also a built-in static site generator plus headless WordPress technology. It has all the Infinite WP features and more. And unlike InfiniteWP plugin, FLATsite is not a plugin and comes with WordPress preinstalled.

Though there are several management platforms to choose from, converting your website to static and using FLATsite is the best option for you. The process is straightforward and the management system is easy to maneuver. Choose a plan that’s right for you and sign up today for $1 with out limited time promo to get started. Need more information? Just ask our FLATsite experts or book a free consultation to learn more.

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