Introduction to FLATsite: WordPress Management Tool

FLATsite is a static generator that was carefully crafted for agencies and developers who love how easy it is to use the WordPress CMS but hate how slow and vulnerable it makes your website. It’s a WordPress management platform that lets you develop hundreds of websites from a single dashboard. New to FLATsite? We’ll tell you everything you need to know about in this guide.

Let’s start with the most basic question:

What’s a static generator?

A static generator, or “static site generator” takes the content on a dynamic site (usually stored in databases) and stores it in flat files instead, so it can generate a structure of static HTML files that are ready to be delivered to users.  

How is a static generator different from static generator plugins?

The WordPress CMS has static generator plugins that convert your dynamic WordPress site to a static site. But these plugins pale in comparison to an actual static generator like FLATsite.

FLATsite is an all-in-one static generator that includes website functionalities that you won’t get if you just use a standard WordPress plugin or a static generator.

Why is FLATsite so good for developers and agencies?

With FLATsite, you can work in the development environment where WordPress is locally installed. You can also use the “preview” button to access a staging environment, so you can see your progress as you work. The “export” tab makes it easy to send finished tasks to the Admin or SiteAdmin, after which, it can be deployed to any hosting plan, so the site can be live.

With FLATsite, you don’t need to create a database or use server resources. All you need is a little disk space.

And because you can do everything from a single dashboard, you can churn out live, functional websites as often as you wish!

Why Choose FLATsite?

FLATsite is more than just a static generator, it’s a management platform for agencies, developers and freelancers who manage hundreds of WordPress sites. It’s ideal for growing your bottom line with affordable solutions designed help you save and not waste money on expensive hosting packages.

Here are some things you miss out on when you choose the WordPress CMS plugin instead of using FLATsite:

  1. Built in site security
  2. Easy migration and setup
  3. Fast and easy Deployment to any Host
  4. 24/7 On Hand Technical Support

1. Built-in site security

When you use a WordPress CMS static generator, your site is still vulnerable to bots and malicious software. When you use a static generator like FLATsite, you eliminate these security vulnerabilities, because FLATsite uses built-in security and headless WordPress technology. Our remote servers also provide effective DDoS security and prevent client-side attacks like clickjacking and keylogging.

2. Easy migration and setup

Static generator plugins have a steep learning curve and complex setup instructions. Even error-tracking can break your website if you’re not careful. But FLATsite was designed with beginners in mind, and we support the fast (and free!) All-in-One WP Migration plugin that lets you transfer your WordPress site to our platform at record-breaking speeds! And you don’t have to worry about your website getting jumbled in the transfer process. All your files, images, permalinks and CSS will be identical to your current website.

3. Step-by-step static deployment

When you use a static generator plugin, your entire site needs to be republished whenever you make even the tiniest change to your website. But FLATsite publishes each new or edited page first, so you never need to wait to deploy every page of your website from scratch.

Plus, you can deploy to any host and choose the cheapest hosting so you can save money. How? Well FLATsite lets you store your website assets on its secure remote servers. So, all you’ll need is a Host and a little disk space to publish your website online. Best of all you won’t need to manage a database anymore!

4. 24/7 customer support

When you use a static generator plugin, you’re pretty much on your own. But when you use FLATsite, you get 24/7 access to support, so you can always talk to someone if you run into trouble.

What does “serverless” mean?

The term “serverless” sounds like some kind of space-age, technical mumbo jumbo, but it just means that when you use FLATsite, you build your website on FLATsite’s remove server. So, all your files are stored in a secure space. It’s “serverless” when you compare it to a WordPress server, which stores your sites on a traditional MySQL server from your Web Host.

When you finish creating your serverless site using FLATsite, with a few clicks you can generate a flat HTML site. You can immediately deploy it to any web hosting service you choose.

How does FLATsite protect my website?

When you generate a static site using FLATsite, we hide your WordPress backend from cybercriminals and bots. Visitors to your website will see a static clone of your original WordPress site, and you’ll use our secure FLATsite portal to get your own private gateway to WordPress. This eliminates the likelihood of cyberattacks.

Also, when you use FLATsite, you never have to worry about keeping your plugins and software up to date. FLATsite is maintenance-free, and it automatically updates all your themes and plugins, so you’ll always have the latest versions.

FLATsite is easy to use, feature-packed, and great for creating secure static websites. Want to know more about static websites? Check out our other blog posts!

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