How WordPress Multisite Stacks Up To FLATsite?

FLATsite a static site generator that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single dashboard. WordPress Multisite also allows you to manage multiple sites. While both at the core carry out the same function, they have differences in what they offer.

Let’s do a quick comparison of both.

What is WordPress Multisite?

Multisite can be thought of as a sort of WordPress installation that allows you to establish and administer a network of several websites from a single WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Multisite Pros and Cons

So next on the agenda are WordPress Multisite pros and cons. Of course, the pro that stands out from the get-go is the fact that using a multisite is better than managing all your websites on a standalone basis. Here are few others you’ll definitely appreciate:

  1. Each site that is part of your WordPress Multisite Network can have its own administrator. As an admin, you can manage only the website you manage.
  2. You can install and activate plugins and themes for all of your sites with only one download.
  3. The power of a single ‘master’ install updates all your WordPress sites, including plugins and themes.
  4. You can set WordPress multisite user roles.

And of course, there will be cons but they’re not as bad as you think. Let’s explore them:

  1. All sites on the multisite network share resources. So if your network or website is down, all the websites that are part of the network will go down as well. Users are often faced with errors like having multisite WordPress subdomain not working.
  2. You could be stuck checking codex for help on how to change site url in WordPress multisite.
  3. If hackers gain access to one site, they’ll be able to gain access to all your sites.
  4. Keep in mind that not all plugins will work on a multisite network.
  5. Not all web hosts are able to manage a multisite network. So, be sure to choose a webhosting company that can properly support your WordPress multisite network.

What is FLATsite?

FLATsite, the all-in-one platform for building and managing static websites, allowing users all of the backend functionality of a WordPress website while publishing in a static or flat format.

Here’s a quick look at how FLATsite works.

6 Cool advantages of using FLATsite

WordPress Static Site infographic
Illustration of how FLATsite Works

Remember earlier when we spoke about FLATsite being a static generator that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single platform? We’ll now look at the advantages of using FLATsite over a WordPress Multisite Network.

  1. If you’re seeking to manage one or hundreds of WordPress websites from a single dashboard with an innovative platform that focuses on user experience and security, then FLATsite provides just that.
  2. With FLATsite, you can convert all of your dynamic WordPress websites to static, making them lightning fast and safe.
  3. Beyond that, static sites operate from a serverless framework, which makes them perfect for SEO.
  4. Even better, FLATsite automatically updates WordPress plugins and themes to improve performance and eliminate security vulnerabilities.
  5. As a CMS, WordPress is prone to hacks but as a static website, your WordPress dashboard is separated from the live website, removing it from potential hacks.
  6. The best part comes is WordPress comes pre-installed on your FLATsite server. From there, you can begin developing websites from this single dashboard. There will nothing to upload or download to your computer.

Of course there are some key points to remember:

FLATsite static generator converts dynamic sites to static before deployment. This means some WordPress dynamic features will be lost. On the plus, FLATsite developed static or serverless plugins to help and we’ve tested tons of tools that do not require a database. Here’s the full list.

Final thoughts

As mentioned before, WordPress multisite and FLATsite both allow users to convert and manage multiple sites from a single platform. However, FLATsite not only works as a static site generator but also helps to improve your sites SEO and security.

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