4 Tips to Setup Your PBN Website on FLATsite

You can’t monetize a website that nobody sees. That’s why so many top websites are using PBNs to increase their search ranking. But now that so many people are starting to use PBNs to give their website a ranking boost, you’ll need to do something extra to beat the competition. So, here’s a pro tip: If you want your PBN to be even more effective, use FLATsite to make your PBN static.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, we’ll explain what we mean by “make your PBN static.” But first, let’s review what a PBN is.

What exactly is a PBN?

A PBN (Private Blog Network) is a network of authoritative blogs that are used to build backlinks to your main website (your “money website”) so it ranks higher in search engines. The websites in your PBN aren’t really designed to attract traffic to the PBN itself – instead, they act like a funnel, sending traffic to the main website.

The bigger your PBN, the more backlinks will lead to your main website, and the higher your website will automatically rank in search engines. That’s because one thing that increases your search engine ranking is having lots of authoritative websites linking back to your site.

To get the biggest, fastest, most effective PBN, you need to set up your PBN on FLATsite.

Why you need to set up your PBN on FLATsite

1. FLATsite makes your PBN faster.

FLATsite is a static site generator, which means it turns dynamic sites into static sites. The special thing about static websites is that they have no database. Instead, they store webpages as pre-built HTML files, which cuts your loading time down to nanoseconds. If you set up your PBN on FLATsite, you’ll have a lightning fast PBN.

2. FLATsite makes your PBN bigger.

Because static sites have no database, they’re super lightweight, which makes them ridiculously cheap to host. This means you can have lots of websites in your PBN without spending an arm and a leg on hosting.

3. FLATsite protects your PBN.

Static sites are more secure than ordinary websites. Setting up your PBN on FLATsite is a great way to protect the time and money you’ve invested into building your PBN (and your money website).

Now that you know why you need your PBN to be on FLATsite, here are four tips to do just that.

4 Tips to set up your PBN on FLATsite

1. First, put your PBN on FLATsite

  • Create an account on FLATsite.com. (If you’re a developer or you’re building an agency, we have special packages just for you.)
  • If you’re working with a team, create a team on FLATsite. (Click here to learn how to do that.)
  • Access your WordPress backend to get started. Our platform is super intuitive, so you’ll know what to do after that.

Once you’ve finished doing that, your PBN will be ready to go! After that, you only need to follow these tips to increase the quality of your PBN. They’re also touch on the quality of your backlinks, and the ranking of your main website.

2. Hire writers for your articles.

Those backlinks aren’t floating in thin air. You’ll need to hire writers to create the articles that you want to inject with the backlinks to your main website. To hire writers, there are two routes you can take. You can go the traditional route and put up online job postings asking writers to work for pennies. That’s what most people do when they’re setting up a PBN.

But if you do that, you might end up with a bunch of articles that are grammatically incorrect and borderline incoherent. These low-quality articles decrease the value of your backlinks.

If you want articles of higher quality, you have to be willing to pay a little more for good writers. A simple “Write for Us” ad should do nicely, since writers are constantly trawling the web for new opportunities. You can also consider using writers from popular platforms like Textbroker, Upwork or even check your LinkedIn network.

3. Scale your article-creation process.

If you’re using UpWork to hire your writers, you can easily scale your article output. All you have to do is set up a team manager to supervise your writers, so you can focus your energy elsewhere.

If you have another article-production process, you can still scale, but it might take a bit of ingenuity if you’re using a platform that’s not as intuitive as UpWork’s. The good news is that if you treat your writers well, you’ll soon have other writers approaching you, and scaling will take care of itself.

4. Keep adding websites to your PBN

The more backlinks you generate for your main website, the higher it will rank in search engines. Having backlinks from multiple websites will work wonders for your search engine ranking, and FLATsite makes it easy to create a massive PBN at a fraction of the price.

That’s because when you use FLATsite, you can manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. You also pay less for hosting because each of your websites takes up so little space on the server.

To sum up

FLATsite makes your PBN bigger, faster, and more secure. To beat the competition and rank higher in search engines, follow the four tips in this guide, and you’ll create a PBN that’s a backlinking machine!

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