Infographic: 24 FLATsite WordPress Features

Static sites give you everything that’s great about WordPress, with none of the things that are annoying. Thanks to static generators like FLATsite, you can quickly convert dynamic WordPress websites into unhackable static sites. These sites are chock full of amazing static WordPress features and the best part is they load in nanoseconds!

FLATsite Infographic

The Takeaway

FLATsite makes it easy to create dynamic WordPress websites and deploy them to just about any web host. Remember, FLATsite stores the complete dynamic sites with plugins, codes, and themes. While you deploy a static copy to your WordPress site (generated by FLATsite) to your Host. This way you can have fast, secure, super-cheap static WordPress websites. Plus, you can keep all the features you love about creating WordPress websites, without bloated hosting and maintenance costs.

It’s no wonder that so many developers are using FLATsite to convert their WordPress websites to static sites!

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