FLATsite Launches a Serverless Search Plugin

Static sites are more than just a quirky blast from the past. With their lightning fast loading speeds, top-notch security, and unbelievable flexibility, there is a reason why FLATsite, has been soaring in status. And now, to take things up a notch, we’ve even launched a serverless search plugin

If any of this sounds like a bunch of technical, don’t worry! We’ll walk you through it. 

First, the most basic question… 

What is FLATsite? 

FLATsite is a static site generator. That means it takes your dynamic website (such as your WordPress website, for example) and turns it into a static website! 

Why are static websites better? 

Don’t get us wrong – dynamic websites are great for the kind of content that needs to be interactive. But back in the day, when most websites were static, you couldn’t just get up one day and decide to create a dynamic website. You had to be really into tech or have the money to hire someone who was really into tech. So that made people think long and hard about whether a dynamic site was truly right for their needs.

Thanks to WordPress, it’s now so easy to make dynamic websites that people create them without stopping to wonder if it’s really what’s best for their website. And sometimes, it isn’t. 

For websites that need more speed, flexibility and security, a static website might be better. Here’s why: 

  • Static websites get rid of all the fluff that makes dynamic websites bulky and bloated. That makes them cheaper to host. 
  • They also have no database, which is the primary target of hackers, bots, and cybercriminals everywhere.  
  • They’re also impossible to change on the users’ end, so you won’t have to worry about malicious users manipulating your data.  

Once people figure out that what they really need is a static website, they usually rush to the nearest static generator plugin and then find themselves sorely disappointed – because they really should have used FLATsite. 

Why you should get the Serverless Search plugin 

FLATsite’s free serverless search plugin launched for everyone on WordPress this October. It’s already been downloaded more than ninety times up to when we wrote this! There’s a reason so many WordPress users are loving it. 

  1. Our serverless search plugin will guarantee a better user experience for search, so you can blow all those other plugin-less static sites right out of the water! 
  2. It’s responsive and compatible with most themes. 
  3. It’s fully JavaScript powered. 
  4. With our plugin, you can search in posts, pages and even in custom post headings like “portfolio” and “events”. 
  5. You can get automatic search replacement and widget. 
  6. The script and index files are ridiculously lightweight. 

And these are just some of the reasons our plugin is our #1 recommendation for static sites. 

Developing a static site? We’ve go five reasons why you need to switch to FLATsite static generator.

How is FLATsite different from static generator plugins? 

FLATsite isn’t a static generator plugin. It’s a full-service platform where you can manage multiple websites on a single dashboard. Here are some ways FLATsite is different from static generator plugins: 

1. FLATsite is super easy to use

You need advanced developer skills to feel comfortable using popular static site generator plugins. You also need to be familiar with Command line and Markup to even finish the setup process. But with FLATsite, you can turn your dynamic WordPress website into a static site. The platform does this automatically when you export files.

Just use the All-in-One WP Migration to transfer all your WordPress sites and complete your setup in minutes.  

2. You get WordPress on FLATsite

You’ll still get to use WordPress on the backend. FLATsite uses headless WordPress technology to separate the backend of WordPress (where you modify your website) from the front end that your users interact with. This means you’ll still get to upload content quickly, and you can still easily make edits even after publishing. 

3. Preview is included

Static site generators don’t give you an easy way to preview your posts or your page edits before you publish them. FLATsite lets you view your work right on the WordPress dashboard. And for those who love a controlled staging environment it’s also included. (We know you like having options.)  

4. Easy deployment hierarchy

At FLATsite, you get step-by-step static deployment and built-in security from our remote servers. You don’t get these options when you use a static site generator. 

5. WordPress Staging & Testing

And did we mention our staging environment, which is perfect for testing new websites? Because you don’t get that with static generator plugins, either. 

FLATsite isn’t a plugin. It’s a management platform with ultra-secure servers and a built-in static generator.  To learn more about FLATsite features check out this page.

What if I use a CMS other than WordPress? 

Now for the most exciting part of this whole post! Ever since our launch, we’ve been hearing so much praise for FLATsite from WordPress users that users of other CMS have started to feel left out. (It’s not like WordPress users are the only people who want websites that are faster, more secure, and cheaper to host.) 

That’s why, coming soon, we’ll have FLATsite for Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS! 

Wrapping up 

WordPress is fun to use, but it can slow down your website and make it super expensive to host. That’s why so many WordPress users have started using FLATsite to deploy their sites as static websites. And thanks to our serverless search plugin, which is the #1 plugin for serverless search, we’ve elevated that experience even more! Check it out, so you can see for yourself why so many people are raving about our revolutionary serverless search plugin! 

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