FLATsite – All in one WordPress security Manager

Dynamic WordPress websites are prone to regular security breaches. FLATsite provides users with all in one WordPress security and firewall. Let’s explore how this works.

How does FLATsite work as a static site generator?

FLATsite converts dynamic WordPress websites to static while providing securing every step of the way. If you manage more than one website it will make your life much easier as FLATsite allows for users to manage unlimited WordPress static sites from one dashboard. If this is you, all you need to do is create a FLATsite account, initiate all your WordPress sites and export them in static HTML with just one click.

Flatsite’s framework allows users to generate complete static copies of every website page you will upload. Files such as CSS and graphic displays are excluded from the original WordPress website and saved to a remote FLATsite server. Here, headless WordPress technology is developed due to the separation of the dashboard and the site’s original coding.

The importance of security for your WordPress site

Choosing FLATsite as your webhost has many advantages such as easier site management, faster page loading time, and low maintenance costs. One of the greatest advantages, however, is the enhanced security that FLATsite gives.

As one of the leading content management systems, WordPress has and still is a popular and easy target for hackers. When you use a static site, your website avoids the need to revert to databases and other scripts that would be needed to load your web page every time. This feature eliminates potential vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and SQL injections, which are the main avenues hackers use to access websites and their files. Here’s a list of 12 more security issues that affect WordPress sites.

It is safe to say that static sites provide significant security for WordPress code; removing the customary traits of a WordPress website. This will discourage hackers and have them searching endlessly without success.

For more website security tips, see here.

More benefits of using FLATsite for WordPress Security Management

1. Smaller attack surfaces

Static websites have fewer points of entry that a hacker can use to attack a system than dynamic websites. Static websites remove the need to have databases, leaving your website with significantly limited points of entry.

2. Specific attacks prove to be less vulnerable

No database means less vulnerability. Therefore, vulnerabilities such as SQL database injections and cross-site scripting would not exist. Hackers will also be at a disadvantage given the fact that there are no server-side security holes to be found in the database.

3. Malicious code injections are blocked

Source: Giphy – Coding GIF By Memecandy

A static webpage cannot change. This means that malware cannot be injected into any of your webpages. A dynamic website, however, is more likely to be susceptible to malware attacks.

Even so, you still need to ensure that you have a secure static site even though they are still more secure than dynamic sites and less likely to be successfully hacked.

4. SSL certificate protection

SSL Certificate
SSL certificates are important for WordPress sites.

Static sites need SSL certificate protection just like a dynamic website would. This is because it:

  • Protects your search engine ranking
    Switching the HTTPS means that your website will get a ranking boost. This is an incentive that Google gives all users who switch.
  • Protects your source code
    An SSL certificate protects your source code with tough encryption. Hackers who are determined can access your source code if you do not seek to get one.
  • Increases your public trust and reputation
    Many users can’t tell whether or not your website is static. Because of this, having an SSL certificate will prove that your site can be trusted, making your users feel more secure navigating your website.

    Having an SSL certificate increases your web traffic. Who wouldn’t want both security and more website visits? Static websites are easier to manage but harder to hack than dynamic websites and that is simply awesome.

Wrapping up

If you are looking for an all in one WordPress security and firewall, FLATsite should be your number one choice. It converts your dynamic WordPress sites to static in one simple step, no advance coding skills required. Plus the user experience is enjoyable and stress-free one.

Static websites are becoming more popular because of the many benefits that they have, including faster page loading times, lower maintenance costs and easy scalability should there be an influx of traffic to your website.

Choose FLATsite today to manage all your WordPress websites from one dashboard. It provides all in one WP security and firewall. You can also install plugins to help make your website more vibrant and efficient.

FLATsite stores all your WordPress files on a secured server, which means you need less server storage when you choose your web host. This is a great way to save on web hosting and protect your sites from hackers.

An efficient website with pages that load at the speed of light complemented by top-notch security is what you can get with our FLATsite plans designed specifically for you.

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