Get Faster Page Load Speeds with FLATsite

Have you ever visited a website and the loading speed was so poor that your overall experience was frustrating? In a fast-paced digital world, nobody wants to experience the pain of a website with a slow page load speed.

FLATsite is an excellent solution in creating and maintaining your website for the fastest page loading speeds. Agencies and clients benefit from the fastest and most secure tool that can manage thousands of sites.

Factors that affect page load speed

There is no single issue that can affect your page load speed, in fact, there are several different factors to consider to improve your page load speed. Take a look at this list of possible factors:

  1. The hosting server you are using.
  2. The amount of bandwidth in transit.
  3. The content on each page.
  4. The webpage design
  5. Plugins used and how they are written. Some plugins use multiple JQuery versions, CSS, and things that are outdated.

Getting faster page load speeds in 3 steps

One may think that minifying and combining files is one of the most efficient ways to achieve faster page load speed, however, with platforms such as FLATsite, there is no need to minify files. FLATsite does this when it generates a static copy of site pages.

In this section, we have created a list of various ways to help speed up your website. Here are a few.

1. Reduce image size

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Images can have a significant impact on the performance of your website. They are frequently large files, which might cause website load speeds to lag. We understand the value of photos on your website if you run an eCommerce business. We also know that providing a lot of useful product photos is one of the greatest methods to boost your conversion rates.

However, picture compression is essential regardless of the website you operate.

Reducing the size of your photos can have a significant influence on how long it takes for the page to load.

Cropping your photos to the right size is one of the simplest techniques to minimize image file sizes. You can also use alternative compression software to reduce the size of your photos. Once you’ve got your image sizes and formats right, this significantly increases page load times without impacting their appearance.

2. Reduce plugins used on your website

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Plugins can significantly increase the functionality of your WordPress site. You can use them to add new functionality and enhance user experience. They are simple to set up and install. This makes it simple to keep adding and installing plugins without thinking about the possible disadvantages.
But, having too many plugins can lead to problems.

They can slow down your site, become the source of security problems, and can even cause site crashes and other technical concerns.

Keeping up with maintenance and updates can be tedious when you have too many.

Plugins that are inefficient, outdated, or incorrectly configured can have a negative impact on your website speed.

Deactivating and deleting those that are unnecessary can significantly improve your overall speed.

3. Reduce redirects

Redirects are necessary when moving and deleting pages, and they are the best solution to prevent broken link concerns. However, having too many of them might result in extra HTTP requests, which can slow down site performance, especially on mobile devices.

However, having too many of them might result in extra HTTP requests, which can also slow down site performance, especially on mobile devices. It is critical to keep redirects to a minimum.

You have a few alternatives when it comes to running a site scan. By doing this you can examine your site redirects to determine what they are achieving and ensure that they are serving a vital purpose. You may also make use of this chance to detect redirect chains or redirects that lead to additional redirected sites. These can contribute to unnecessary and additional requests, which can slow down your site load speed.

To Wrap Up

Having a fast page load speed will take some effort on your part to achieve, however, it will significantly improve your website performance and by extension, user experience on your websites. FLATsite is a great solution to help build and manage your website.

Not only do we provide secure websites, but also unhackable and scalable services. Our sites are ultra-fast, even with the most basic hosting. FLATsite provides lightweight static sites that are affordable and maintenance-free. You can focus on what’s important while we take care of the functionality of your site.

A staging environment, security, maximum performance, convenience, and speed are now at your fingertips when you choose FLATsite, now available for $1 in the first month. Let us help make your website faster than ever so your site visitors can enjoy their experience! Book a free consultation and get a full FLATsite tour with an expert today!

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