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What are the advantages of a Static WordPress Site?

  1. Static WordPress Sites have ultra-fast load speeds.Static websites are much faster than ordinary dynamic pages, primarily because the when a user visits the page the calculations and request in the background fewer. PHP instructions and Database request are less and therefore can be executed a lot quicker.

  2. Tougher security eliminating WordPress vulnerabilities. On average WordPress sites are the most hacked sites when compared to other CMS and websites. With static or headless WordPress, your live website is separated from the dashboard so that there is nothing to hack.

  3. FLATsite Static websites are less expensive. Managing resource-heavy websites is cheaper and easier with FLATsite. When you convert website files to static HTML, your data stays on the remote FLATsite server rather than your hosting server. You can choose any modest/ cheap web hosting plan for each WordPress site saving you lots of money. The savings will be even great if you manage fifty to a hundred WordPress sites.

  4. No maintenance or update issues. Work more productively when you manage hundred websites thanks to FLATsite’s maintenance-free feature which controls WordPress core and automate updates. What we mean is that you can easily mandate this with FLATsite. If you ever forget an update it will never change or affect your static website. Therefore, WordPress plugins, contents, and code remain intact.