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How does FLATsite compare to other static site generators?

Many static website generator tools like Hugo, Jekyll and Gatsby have a good end product – a static website. But they all lack several key benefits, including connection to the massive WordPress support system.

Fast Setup, Zero Technical Skills Required

To use popular static site generators, you need some advanced developer skills to feel at ease in your work environment. In addition, you must be familiar with Command line and Markup to complete the setup process.
FLATsite makes the setup process a walk in the park! First, transfer your all your WordPress sites easy with the “All-in-One WP Migration”. Second, our setup process is fast and can easily be done in a few minutes – not hours. As soon as you enter the FLATsite dashboard, you’ll be able to create new WordPress sites immediately or continue working on an existing one.

WordPress CMS Makes It Easier to Manage Content

Jekyll and Hugo may be popular static site generators, but they are not Content Management Systems (CMS). Using a CMS like WordPress simplifies the content creation process. You can upload new content in a flash and make edits easily even after you publish it. Plus, you can create multiple user accounts which make collaboration simpler for teams.

Seamless WordPress WYSIWYG Editor + Image Editor

When you use traditional static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, you must add content with markdown in a text editor. They lack many intuitive WordPress editor functions.

On the flip side, with FLATsite in-demand features are never off-limits. You have full access to the WordPress backend and will be able to work with WYSIWYG WordPress Editor and image editors – with these functions you’ll slash the time it takes to build websites in half.

Best of all, it requires zero coding skills to upload content and edit images with these irresistible functions.

Easy Post and Page Preview Function

Unlike WordPress, Jekyll and Hugo don’t have an easy way to preview new posts or page edits before you publish it. With FLATsite you have options; view your work directly from the WordPress dashboard or through a controlled staging environment.

Add Content Anywhere, No Limitations

The WordPress community is spontaneous, fun, and incredibly innovative. It evolves rapidly, but that’s just the magic of the community. FLATsite brings the WordPress magic to its platform and keeps the simplicity of creating websites or adding new content. So, you don’t need to code and or learn special tools to use FLATsite. With WordPress built-in, all you need is a stable Internet connection and your login credential to post new content on the go.

Unlimited WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress comes with a massive library of themes and intuitive plugins (56,143 at this very moment). All these plugins play a huge part to boost website, UX, SEO and more. Jekyll or Hugo generators may be compatible with several plugins, but their integration requires much manual work which takes considerable time.

FLATsite lets you access thousands of beautiful, professionally designed WordPress themes – free from the WordPress Library. Plus, you’ll have full access to thousands more paid templates. Pick your favorite and start styling your WordPress website right away.

Join A Grand WordPress Community

The beauty of using WordPress is that you can instantly connect with a huge open-source community. It has a wealth of information, tutorials and support to guide you along the way while you build your websites. New and existing static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo can never match WordPress.

SSL included. Eliminate mixed content errors

SSL certificates integration is seamless on FLATsite. We provide Free SSL certificates for your comfort with quick installation on the FLATsite server. If you choose, you can make use of any free or paid SSL certificate service from your preferred hosting provider. Once installed, FLATsite ensures all sites load over HTTPS and eliminates mixed content errors. With Hugo, Jekyll or other static generators, you have to configure SSL certs on your server all by yourself.

Boost Your Team Synergy

In FLATsite, the Admin creates users and oversees the work of SiteAdmins and Editors. All users can access WordPress; however, the Admin controls the permissions for each user. While Editors have limited roles, the Admin and SiteAdmin have more control over managing websites on the CMS.

24/7 Support You Can Trust

One of the main problems with free tools is that support is limited or nonexistent. If you run into issues, rest assured that FLATsite support will provide fast and reliable assistance 24/7/365 with live chat and support tickets.

FLATsiteStatic generator tool
(e.g. Jekyll or Hugo)
Static Site
Incorporates WordPress CMS
(Content Management System)
Easy WP Dashboard
Easy to use for non-coders
Easy setup WP site setup
Plugins for Added FunctionalityNone All
TemplatesAll WP Templates Limited Amount
Huge Community
WYSIWYG Editor + Image Editor
Technical SupportDepends