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What makes FLATsite different from WordPress static site generator plugins?

FLATsite is an all in one-platform to build and manage massive WordPress websites and transform them instantly into static HTML sites. One of the most striking differences between FLATsite engine and other WordPress static site generators (like WP2Static, Simply Static and WP Static Site Generator) is that they lack many website functionalities. Here’s what we mean:

Easy migration and setup

We understand that everyone will not feel at ease with complex setup instructions by static site generator plugins. In fact, tracking errors can be a tedious task which can break an entire website (For instance, image files can be overlooked, or CSS might not render properly and that’s hard to troubleshoot.)
FLATsite supports the fast and free “All-in-One WP Migration” plugin which allows you to transfer your WordPress sites in record time on our platform! We ensure that all your website files, images and, permalinks and CSS are transferred properly and are identical to your current site.

For Manual Migration please see our documentation here >

Step-by-step Static Deployment

FLATsite deploys new website changes first, whereas static site generators republish the entire site every time a change is made, even the tiniest. Ordinary static generator plugins cannot publish static copies of specific pages alone like a new blog post or recent edits on a service page.
FLATsite publishes each new or edited page first, so that you can see your changes instantly. There is no long wait to deploy an entire static website from scratch.

Built-in Website Security

In a typical static site generating set up, your WordPress website is still vulnerable from a security standpoint. In fact, it is still susceptible to bots and other malicious software sweeping the web for known loopholes in WordPress sites. Your site can still suffer from brute force attacks. Plus, you will need to constantly maintain plugins and software whenever there’s a new update.
FLATsite eliminates website security vulnerabilities with built-in security, and its headless WordPress technology. We also have IP whitelist limitation access and a use a mix of iptables and fail2ban firewalls. In addition, FLATsite remote servers provide effective DDOS protection and prevents client-side attacks like malvertising, clickjacking, DOM based XSS, keylogging, along with many others.
You’ll never have to make changes on your live site again. Instead, you will work in a highly secured test or staging environment.

Staging Environment

A staging environment is ideal for building websites fast! It’s the easiest way to make changes and preview your websites with software, hardware and code that replicates your live website. To access this, just go to ‘Preview’ – your safe zone on FLATsite.

24/7/365 Chat Support

Using the Freemium model or a plugin is not the main issue (a free basic product which requires upgrade for advanced functions), it is that inadequate or lack of reliable support for the plugin. And sadly, because it’s free, you may have delayed support or it might not exist at all.
At FLATsite, we provide 24/7/365 Chat support anytime you need help.

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