FLATsite FAQ Directory

What is FLATsite and how does it work?

FLATsite provides a simple interface to manage from a few websites to several hundred sites. To start, an agency or developer is given a web admin account. The admin is responsible for creating other users including the SiteAdmin and Editors.

Once accounts are setup it’s time to configure the server and install WordPress. Next is the development stage. Developers can create a new project or website via WordPress.

You will be able to:

  • Work in the development environment – where WordPress is installed locally). This is where you access the Frontend and Backend during the development phase.
  • Access a staging environment via the ‘preview’ button to visualize your work in progress.
  • Access the ‘export’ tab where finished tasks are sent to be reviewed by Admin or SiteAdmin. Once reviewed the Admin or the SiteAdmin deploys to any hosting plan for the site to be live.

The Admin deploys the site with just one-click to generate a static site for WordPress. You can connect your website to a simple hosting package as it requires a little disk space to push it online. You won’t need to create a database or use the server resources from this hosting package.