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How does FLATsite engine protect my websites from attacks?

When you create websites on FLATsite, your WordPress backend is hidden from would-be hackers and internet bots. Instead, site visitors are greeted with a static website clone of your WordPress site. You get your own private gateway for WordPress through a secure FLATsite portal, eliminating chances of malicious attacks.

You’ll never have to worry about missing WordPress plugin and theme updates. Static HTML sites do not break when there are updates on WordPress. Plus, FLATsite is maintenance-free and automatically updates themes and plugins to the latest version. All you need to do, is login to deploy changes to your static site.

Access FLATsite through your secure portal

Setting up is easy and requires no technical skills. You’ll get a unique URL and login credentials. From here, you can access to WordPress (via WordPress Headless technology), Development server, Staging environment and live server. You can use any theme, add plugins, test your site and even preview it before it is published as a static site.

Deploy Ultra-Fast Static Sites

You will never need a WordPress database from hosting providers for your static sites. Everything is stored remotely on FLATsite servers. So, when visitors see your static site, the front-end is practically impenetrable. It runs fast and smooth as browsers make less queries and scales faster, even if hit by high traffic or a DDoS attack.

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