Easy Guide to Increase Domain Value

There are so many guides that claim to tell you how to make more money as a domain investor or from building PBNs. The problem is that a lot of these guides give you bad advice. They tell you how to make cosmetic changes to your website that force you to do a lot of busywork without actually improving your domain value – or they give you tips that take years to properly implement. In this guide, we’ll give you seven proven ways to easily raise your domain value, so you can quickly start turning bigger profits in your domain investor business.

Let’s get started.

7 steps to increase domain value

1. Before you start, think of your ideal customer

When you’re a domain investor, you should make websites you like, but that isn’t the only factor – and, it shouldn’t even be the most important factor, if we’re being honest. The biggest factor determining the kinds of websites you should make is what kind of website your ideal customer will pay the most money for. So, before you even get started on your websites, take a look at some of the biggest websites in the market you’re trying to appeal to.

What makes those websites stand out, and what could they be doing better? Capitalize on all the things they’ve been missing, and your customers will come flocking to you.

2. Create the kind of content that will never die

quality content
Source: elements.envato.com – Create quality content

Trendy and meme-based websites have their place, and it’s smart to have some of those in your portfolio. But your entire portfolio can’t consist of trendy sites that will be dead in five years. At least half your portfolio should be made up of websites that focus on topics that will still be relevant in the years to come. For instance, parenting blogs, skill-based blogs that teach things like mechanics and money management, and wellness blogs won’t be going anywhere any time soon, so these kinds of sites should be staples in your portfolio. Don’t worry about generating content for your website, either. You can hire good writers online and have them create the content you need.

3. Get a good domain name

What domain investor hasn’t heard of how cars.com and lasvegas.com famously sold for millions of dollars? Stories like that are probably what made you want to be a domain investor in the first place. So, we probably don’t need to preach to you about the value of a good domain name. All we’ll tell you is that a short, snappy domain name that’s brandable and easy to remember is one of the easiest ways to increase your domain value – and all it takes is a bit of extra brainstorming.

4. Get lots of backlinks

link building
Source: elements.envato – Build quality backlinks

A website with tons of other websites linking to it is a website that Google will think is authoritative. And an authoritative website ranks higher in search engines. So, if you want to increase your domain value, get your website out there! Make sure you write the kind of content that’s high quality and informative, so that other websites will link to your site. Not only will this increase your search ranking, but it will also organically increase your web traffic.

If you want to jumpstart the process a bit, you can even use links from a good PBN. Just make sure the posts on your website are actually of good quality, so that not all of your backlinks end up coming from the PBN. (On the other end of this, creating a PBN as an agency is a great way to make extra income, too!)

5. Keep good records

If you plan to sell your domain, you need to keep good records of things like hosting costs, income, traffic, and traffic sources. This is the kind of information that domain buyers will find invaluable when they’re shopping around. Just having this information makes you seem so much more professional and trustworthy that it could be the reason you end up making the sale.

6. Make sure your traffic comes from different sources

We talk a lot about having good SEO and about how important Google is for your web traffic – and that’s all true. But your site’s traffic shouldn’t be dependent on any single source. Not even Google. Your traffic should come from as many sources as possible. You can get traffic from making social media posts, word of mouth, other blogs, guest posting, and paid ads. That way, if any single traffic-generating machine fails, it won’t take your website down with it.

7. Turn your website into a static website

Ordinarily, this wouldn’t find its way onto a list of ways to easily increase domain value, but with FLATsite, you can quickly turn your WordPress website into a static website that’s faster, more secure, and cheaper to host than a dynamic website. All of these qualities are features you can take into account when you’re setting your price, so you can get more money from your investment.

Wrapping up

All the items on this list are proven ways to increase your domain value right now, and they’re also really easy to do. If being a domain investor is just a hobby for you, you don’t have to worry about following these tips, but if you really do want to start making money from flipping domains, follow these tips and watch your profits grow!

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