FLATsite Documentation

How to setup a new site on FLATsite

1. Log into your FLATsite backend.

2. Go to “Local websites”.

3. Click on “Create website” button.

4. Fill the website creation form. 

4.1. Server= Where the live website will be deployed. 

4.2. Name= Used to identify this website inside FLATsite interface. 

4.3. Live URL= Live URL of this website. Must start with http(s)://. 

4.4. Language= Language used on this website to install WordPress this that locale. 

4.5. Standalone pages= This is a more advanced tool. Add here all the standalone
pages/files you would like to include to the export process (example: /robots.txt,
/humans.txt, etc.). This must be relative paths.

5. Click “Save” and after the install is done, you will be able to access your local website install.