FLATsite Documentation

How to set up deploy servers on FLATsite

A deploy server is where the live version of your website will be pushed.


You need to already have a webhosting that support FTP or SFTP connections. You will need hostname, port, username and password to access to this FTP/SFTP to add a new server.

Adding a new deploy server

1. Log into your FLATsite backend with an administrator account.

2. Go to Administration > Servers.

3. Click on “Create Server” button.

4. Fill the server form.

4.1. Name= Used to identify this server inside FLATsite interface.

4.2. Protocol= Based on your webhosting, select FTP or SFTP.

4.3. Hostname= Webhosting hostname/IP address.

4.4. Port= Webhosting port.

4.5. Path= The path where to deploy the website on this FTP/SFTP connection.

Note regarding SFTP: it’s usually be an absolute path.

4.6. Credentials= Add your credentials to access to the webhosting.

5. Click “Save” and you can now use this server to deploy a website.