Build PBNs the Easiest and Most Secure Way on FLATsite

Backlinks are still the best and fastest way to rank your website in Google. So, the best way to rank your website in record time is to build a massive PBN. (In case you don’t know, a PBN – or Private Blog Network – is a network of seemingly unrelated websites that are used to generate a bunch of natural-looking backlinks to the website whose rank you’re trying to improve.)

The problem is that when you build PBNs, your hosting costs skyrocket – and of course they do. An effective PBN will have tons of websites all linking to your money site, and each of those websites takes up storage space on a server and costs money to host. And as if that isn’t enough, the more authoritative and higher quality the websites in your PBNs are, the stronger the links they’ll generate for your site. But bigger, better quality websites also cost more money to host. And then there are the maintenance costs.

That’s why FLATsite is the best-kept secret among investors who build PBNs.

Why FLATsite is your best bet if you want to build PBNs

1. It’s easy to build PBNs on FLATsite

To create a website on FLATsite, all you have to do is log into your FLATsite backend, click on Local websites, click the button that says Create website, and fill in the website creation form. Click Save, and you’ll be able to access your website.

FLATsite makes it easy to manage unlimited WordPress static sites from a multipurpose dashboard. This means you can login once and access your entire PBN. If you already have your PBN somewhere else, you can easily transfer your PBN to FLATsite using a free migration tool. Follow these steps to build your own quality PBN on FLATsite.

2. FLATsite makes your PBN more secure against hackers

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Source: elements.envato – Initiating Hacker Attack

It’s no secret that secure websites rank higher in search engines. So, if you want your PBN to produce higher-quality links, you’ll need to make your site secure. This is where FLATsite comes in.

FLATsite makes it easy to create a WordPress website, then deploy it as a completely static (or “flat”) website. Unlike WordPress sites, which are powered by a database, static sites have no database.

Not only does the database slow down your website, but it’s also a prime target for hackers.

But because static sites have no database, there are tons of hacking tricks that simply won’t work on a static site. For instance, SQL injections and cross site scripting – XSS attacks are completely powerless against a static site.

3. FLATsite secure your PBN from your team’s mistakes

Your team is trustworthy and hardworking, but anyone can make mistakes, especially when people accidentally access an area of the website that wasn’t meant to be under their portfolio.

how to setup a new user on FLATsite

With FLATsite, you can decide which team members have access to which parts of your website. You can even modify how much access team members have to the parts of their website under their portfolio. For instance, you can make it so some team members can write but not publish, or that some team members can edit posts but not adjust the underlying code. You’ll have ultimate control over who’s allowed to make changes to your site.

4. FLATsite works perfectly with WordPress

You love WordPress, because it makes it easy for anyone to create a gorgeous, user-friendly website. but you don’t love how bloated WordPress hosting costs can get. And you definitely don’t love how often WordPress websites get targeted by hackers.

When you use FLATsite, you can still use the WordPress tools and plugins you love, and then deploy your website as a static site. That’s because FLATsite uses headless WordPress technology, which means it separates the backend from the frontend. You can create your site using WordPress, but when you deploy your website, it won’t need the WordPress database, and it won’t drive up your hosting costs.

5. FLATsite eliminates the need to worry about maintenance

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FLATsite has a set-it-and-forget-it model of website creation that works great for agencies and people who build PBNs. You don’t even need to worry about things like maintenance, because FLATsite automatically updates your WordPress sites. This also lowers your maintenance-related hosting costs, which is yet another way FLATsite helps you build cheaper PBNs.

Speaking of which…

6. FLATsite helps you build cheaper PBNs


All the maintenance costs associated with running a WordPress website will make your hosting costs skyrocket. And then there’s the fact that the database makes your WordPress site take up more space on your server. This also drives up your costs! But FLATsite turns your WordPress websites into lightweight, serverless websites that take up minimal space on a server. This means you can make bigger PBNs for less money.

Do you want to deploy your website to a web hosting company that offers super cheap hosting? With FLATsite, you can. We don’t tie you to any particular hosting company. So, you can build your website and push it to any hosting server you choose. No wonder FLATsite users create bigger PBNs even when they’re just starting out!

Wrapping up

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at building PBNs, FLATsite gives you everything you need to create lightweight WordPress sites that are cheaper to host. This means you can make your PBN bigger, faster, and more secure. Check out our packages and start lowering your hosting costs today!

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