Are Blogging Networks Worth It?

As a blogger, much of the creative process tends to be a solitary one. But the ultimate goal of any content creator is to share content and have people enjoy their work. Blogging networks create an opportunity to take advantage of the experience and notoriety of individuals working toward the same goal in order to build a bigger audience. FLATsite is ready to accompany you in your quest to get your work noticed. PBNs or Private Blog Networks are one way for bloggers to work together to increase their following.

What is a blogging network?

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A blogging network is a platform, site or application that allows bloggers or influencers and brands wishing to promote their product to come together. As a professional blogger, it is therefore not only an opportunity to get paid for creating content through sponsored posts, but a chance to also connect with other bloggers and gain exposure.

For brands, it is an opportunity to ride the wave of influencer culture by taking advantage of their following to gain attention for a product, campaign, etc.

The point of these blogging networks is to ensure that each party is able to use these connections to their advantage. This can be to build an audience or sell a product.

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Do you find yourself asking about the significance of bloggin networks? Well, we’ll examine a few key points to help you decide and make the life-changing steps to set up your blogs.

Is a blogging network really necessary?

There is no one path to success, but it is important to consider how trends may impact the rate and pace of your success. A big part of creating a successful blog, and one that you will be happy with is about creating content that is not only interesting, but something that you are passionate about. However, as interesting as your content may be, the success can only come if people are able to see it. But how can you ensure that your content gets noticed?

Traditional SEO techniques

To get your content out there, make use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. Consider techniques such as keyword research, analyzing the competition, optimizing your content and securing backlinks to your content.

Keywords are important for search engines to be able to direct users to your website. You should therefore do sufficient research and employ the right use of keywords, so your content is indexed and easy to find.

Check out the competition and/or your network to see how they attract users. At the same time, examine the techniques they employ when creating their content including their use of keywords, titles, etc. You can then utilize this information to rework your strategy and optimize existing content or create new pieces.

Finally, an important criterion to ensure that your content ranks high in search engines is through the appropriate use of backlinks.

Backlinks are links from external websites that point to your content.

The more quality links from high authority sites, the better your content will be ranked. Backlinks are therefore a non-negligible way to improve the visibility of your content.

Blogging networks improve visibility

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Blogging networks bring together bloggers and brands, consequently providing a great opportunity for exposure. By combing the aforementioned traditional SEO tools, in particular backlinks, with the connections from a blogging network, you can maximize the potential of your blog. You can build your audience faster and more efficiently by recognizing and taking advantage of the strength of a good network.

With the popularization of influencers, there has never been a better time for bloggers and content creators. Find your niche and join a blogging network that is right for you. And the big bonus? Your passion can lead to financial rewards through paid sponsorship.

While you lead your audience to a product or even a fellow-blogger, their audience is simultaneously being led to you. In this way, a blogging network helps to build the reputation and relevance of all involved parties.

Using a PBN for your blogging network?

What is a PBN?

A PBN is a platform that consists of a group of websites managed and controlled by a single publisher.

The goal of using a PBN is to promote one or more websites by creating content with backlinks to the sites in question.

Generally, PBNs make use of previously high-authority sites to build these backlinks, thereby enabling the sites they wish to be promoted to improve their ranking in search engines.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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PBNs offers a quick and easy cost-effective way to improve rankings as opposed to a longer, more traditional approach. Creating good quality backlinks is therefore a much simpler process.

The big drawback is that PBNs are considered by search engines like Google to be a black hat SEO tactic. So, they have developed sophisticated algorithms to detect PBNs and consequently apply manual penalties to websites that use this technique.

This means that should your website be identified as part of a PBN, it can have the opposite effect.

So why use a PBN for your blogging network?

PBNs are only harmful if you don’t use it responsibly. Understanding the footprints of a PBN can help you avoid detection. Websites, content and backlinks must be as organic as possible.

Ensure that all the websites that make up the PBN are managed like real websites. This means they should include quality content, an about page, contact information (even for a fake persona), and comments included on posts. You therefore have nothing to fear by joining a blogging network and/or using a PBN. The key is to use these tools correctly.

To sum up

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