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Create sites and never make updates again! All you need is just a single dashboard to manage all your WordPress sites.

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Why should agencies use FLATsite?

All you need to manage your WordPress sites fast and easy


Secure your sites on remote servers with IP whitelist limitation access and secure firewalls.

Maintenance Free

Spend less time updating with automatic updates for plugins.

Staging Environment

Code and run tests in safe mode away from your production environment.

Save Money

Static sites only need disk space. Select any Cheap Hosting plan and save money.

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Let FLATsite Make Your Work Easier

Manage thousands of websites easy from one dashboard
Flatsite One Dashboard

One Dashboard – Unlimited Savings
“Don’t overpay for WordPress Hosting”

We understand the needs of agencies, because at one moment in time we were managing 2500+ unique WordPress websites – that’s why we developed FLATsite. It stores databases and WordPress files directly on a secured server eliminating the need for traditional server storage and opening doors to cheaper hosting plans.

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Simple management

Simple management, Easy Updates
“Don’t get overwhelmed with managing hundreds of WordPress sites”

With hundreds of websites to run, you’ll be busy securing and updating them. WordPress is great! But it gets complicated when it comes to maintaining a website when security holes pop up every week in WordPress themes! FLATsite eliminates the need to manage each WordPress site individually. Update plugins and security software with a few clicks in your dashboard.

Team Workflow

Improve team workflow
“No-stress teamwork and established roles”

With traditional WordPress Management each user needs a separate login and password – now multiply that by hundreds of WordPress sites. Things can get complicated fast! Workflow is simplified with FLATsite engine. The admin creates users and each user has access to a set of websites in FLATsite. It makes team collaborations easier and your employees work easier.

Flatsite features

Features of your FLATsite Package:

Easy to Scale

Built to manage high traffic, multiple websites and eliminate downtime.

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Web development

Get all the storage you need for code, graphics and site files.

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Work with teams seamlessly to develop and manage static sites.

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Graphic design

Design without storage restriction and speed limitations.

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Prototype with ease on FLATsite then deploy changes to live website.

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Improved workflow

Create users, install WP & create sites with improved workflow.

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Agency FAQs

There are several pros and cons to switching to FLATsite. We believe that the pros far outweigh the cons and you can decide for yourself.

  1. Static WordPress Sites are faster. Static sites give you faster page load speeds than dynamic sites. Database requests and PHP instructions can be executed much faster. On Dynamic sites or normal WordPress sites this step is typically longer since they have way more PHP instructions and a database on the site.
  2. Added Security. WordPress websites are known to be some of the most hacked websites. In fact, with static or headless WordPress, you eliminate this vulnerability. Your website is next to impossible to hack since it is static and there’s nothing to break through.

In addition, your website files are stored remotely on the FLATsite engine which uses highly secured software and powerful firewall. No, WordPress plugin can give you this level of security.

  1. Managing static sites is cheaper. This is particularly true for resource-heavy site and those with high traffic. When files are converted to static HTML, your files are not kept on the website but instead on FLATsite’s remote server. Therefore, you can choose any cheap hosting plan to host your site. Imagine the savings you could have if you manage several-hundred websites.
  2. Never forget updates. You can work more efficiently when you manage several hundred websites. FLATsite is maintenance-free, so you can have a peace of mind when it comes to updating WordPress plugins, scripts, etc. Your static site will never be affected by an update and will not break. Therefore, your website will be well guarded from hacks and other vulnerabilities.

On the flip-side, these are some of the cons.

  1. No native WordPress Comments. This is because comment scripts require PHP. There is a solution however, there are social comments which do not need PHP.
  2. All forums are not compatible. There are several alternatives.

Yes. FLATsite engine converts your dynamic website, design, permalinks and other site structure to a dynamic site with a single click.

WordPress dynamic sites make real-time posting a great experience, however it is also responsible for some speed and security vulnerabilities. Static sites solve this issue and are perfect for just about everyone. With that in mind, here are the main reasons why people use static sites:

  1. Websites need heightened security. With remote servers and unbreakable static websites, people can have a well-sealed website to protect them from hackers, missed updates. It is ideal for educational website, schools or government organizations.
  2. Website with complex web design. Static sites are lightweight and perfect for SEO.
  3. Agencies and Developers can manage and deploy fast and secured websites. This service is perfect for you if you have clients who need a website but want to outsource the upkeep. This is the perfect management and static site generator to earn their confidence. Best of all your clients won’t care if the site is static just as long as it works seamlessly. This will not only be great for your clients, but you can also get a boost in your reputation for running reliable and ultra-fast websites.
  4. Keep Demo, Resume and Demo sites to easily showcase services and themes. 

FLATsite is designed to automatically export WordPress sites as static WordPress sites. Just develop the website as you would normally do. Review and deploy. During the deployment stage, FLATsite will automatically convert and identical version of your website to be published online.