FLATsite - The Ultimate Platform To Manage WordPress Websites

FLATsite solves the problem of managing WordPress sites and overpaying for Hosting. It lets you manage tens even hundreds of websites with a multipurpose dashboard powered by the finest headless WordPress technology.


Get the speed and reliability of static sites like fewer HTTP requests, faster content retrieval and improve your SEO load speed.


Use remote servers, IP blocking and our static site generator for optimal security. Don’t waste time with pesky security plugins.


With static sites you only need a bit of disk-space from your Host- no database required. Our remote servers help you save hundreds on hosting.


Automatically update plugins and WordPress themes to eliminate security vulnerabilities. Never miss core updates ever again.

Why choose FLATsite to convert your WordPress sites to static sites?

FLATsite has WordPress built-in and its own static generator. It’s your all-in-one platform to securely convert WordPress to static in literally minutes.

Plus, our platform provides remote backup, automatic updates and comes with a secure login portal to update sites and deploy changes fast.

Who is FLATsite for?

Here are a few of the main users of FLATsite’s platform:

Website developers,  Freelancers,  Web Designers,  IT Consultants and Web Development Agencies.

It’s simple, traditional dynamic websites generated on WordPress are easier to hack – a problem that static websites solve.

You can manage multiple websites from an integrated dashboard and access all your WordPress backends through FLATsite’s secure interface. Plus, FLATsite helps you reduce costs, boost speed and enhance security.

One Single Dashboard

Easily manage all your websites on a single dashboard

Use a simple yet comprehensive dashboard to access all your WordPress sites’ backend, edit, and deploy changes fast. It is “the ultimate solution” which makes your life easier and helps you to earn more from managing websites.


Switch to the cheapest web hosting now!

We want you to have the ultimate FLATsite experience: Cheap hosting, fast websites and highly secured WordPress sites. So, we’ve identified several hosts who match the criteria for FLATsite Partners. Select from any Partner below and get fast affordable hosting and a free SSL certificate.


Want to be added to the list above? Test our site and let us add your company to our approved partner’s list. Get in touch here and let us know you’re interested.