A Beginners Guide: What is a PBN?

When you hear the term PBN what comes to mind? A fancy new online marketing tool or perhaps a new brand of Peanut Butter. Fortunately, whichever is your pick, one thing you should know is that a PBN is very easy to understand. If it is that your network of friends are logged on to this trend and you hesitate, hopefully at the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding as to what a PBN is really all about and be informed as to different PBN options available to you. So with that said, let’s start with the obvious.

What is a PBN?

Well perhaps you have heard the term from your network of friends or just in conversations online. Wherever you heard it, the mere fact that you are reading this article is testament that you are willing to grasp a greater understanding of the trend and perhaps put it to use for you.

First up, PBN stands for Private Blog Network. Some time ago, it was found out that a lot of backlinks (hyperlinks) from websites with a notably high Domain Authority (DA) possess positive effects on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content was published to these websites while consequently adding a link to the original website on each domain. Having done this, these websites benefited exponentially. And as they say, the rest is history.

So what is a PBN? They are simply blogs or old websites with domains that have expired and these domains still have value as a result of attaining thousands of historical backlinks. It is possible that anyone can buy these domains provided they have expired. At times they are even sold at online auctions.

To describe it fully, you can say PBNs are like a database and they claim to work well because of the addition of backlinks. So to say they assist your SEO is unquestionable.

What are PBNs used for?

So now that we have explored what is a PBN, let’s now look at some of the different uses.

First up, PBNs Point links to your site. To do this you would need to use an expired domain then set up a new site and commence the writing of articles while including links to your own website. Consequently, if you are a beginner, there is help from professionals.

Secondly, PBNs can be sold. Yup. There are persons who sell PBNs however, be cautioned. The selling of PBNs is considered malpractice and it goes against Google community guidelines.

Finally, you can add them to your homepage. It is possible to buy more than one PBN website, refashion them to your liking and add your customized links on each homepage. This is considered as the highest trust flow.

What are the benefits of PBNs?

Private Blog Networks have many advantages and I recommend additional research when deciding to pursue your involvement.

Previously, it was mentioned that a huge part of the success of private blog networks is a result of backlinks but what are backlinks? A backlink is a hyperlink that directs your website from an external website. Additionally, it is fundamental to note that hyperlinks are also good for SEO.

Backlinks allow the search engine to understand that the linked website is a trustworthy one to the point to be connected with its own domain. This means that the search engine trusts your site. Search engines analyze the link structure of different websites to verify if they are trustworthy and for this reason, link building is a pivotal part of ranking a website within search results.

Additionally, with a PBN you have the ability to use this expired website, perhaps refashion to your own liking for instance adding fresh content. After this, you have the option to start adding or selling the links from this website to ultimately boost your SEO ranking adding to your commercial rewards.

Do Private Blog Networks impact SEO positively?

Yes! For this reason online marketers utilize them and it is also why they have been around so long. Companies also pay a lot of money on private blog networks.

Are there negatives attached with PBNs?

The idea of PBNs is great but like many other online marketing strategies, all this goodness comes with risks. PBNs do help your SEO and will generate traffic however, this strategy of marketing is considered controversial. The truth is SEO takes a bit of time before if actually have an impact on your website rankings. PBNs promise quick rankings and greater awareness which will lead to more customers.


As you would have realized, the use of PBNs comes with many pros and cons so having outlined what is a PBN and the different benefits and uses, I do hope you are now more aware of this intricate world of Private Blog Networks.

If you would like to pursue the use of PBNs, do consider the reality that your SEO could suffer. It is recommended that you work closely with a marketing professional to fully maximize your PBN needs.

As previously mentioned, there are advantages which undoubtedly come with many risks. If it is that you would not like to take the risk associated with PBNs, then there are alternative strategies worth exploring and utilizing which will not make you an enemy of Google.

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