6 Steps to Boost Your PBN Rank on FLATsite

PBNs are the deep, dark secret to the high ranking of some of your favorite websites, even if they won’t admit it. If you want to make your PBN even more effective, try this ultra-innovative tip. Run the sites in your PBN to rank high with FLATsite. Let’s start at the beginning to show you exactly how it works.

What is a PBN?

“PBN” stands for Private Blog Network. It’s a network of blogs used to build links for a single website, so that the website gets a boost in search engine ranking. PBNs work because one thing search engines use to decide where to rank a website is how many other websites are linking to it. (If lots of websites are linking to a single website, that probably means the website publishes lots of engaging, informative, authoritative content.)

If you’re going to use a PBN, take it to the next level by using FLATsite.

What is FLATsite?

FLATsite is a static site generator, which means it takes your dynamic website and deploys it as a static website. And a static website is a website that has no database and stores all webpages as pre-built HTML files. This is in contrast to dynamic websites, which don’t store pre-made webpages. Instead, they store all the files that a webpage is made of inside their database. When a user requests a webpage, dynamic websites build them from scratch before delivering them to the user.

The great thing about FLATsite is that because it uses headless WordPress technology (which separates the backend of your website, where you work, from the front end that your visitors use), you can still enjoy all the features you love about WordPress while enjoying the amazing features of static websites! This makes FLATsite idealfor agencies. (Click here to learn how to create a new team on FLATsite.)

How FLATsite boosts your PBN rank

  1. Static websites are faster. Static websites have no database, and each webpage is stored as a pre-built HTML file, which makes static sites lightning fast. And page load speed is a crucial factor in your search engine ranking.
  2. Flatsite static websites are more secure. Security is also a major factor in your search engine ranking, and static websites are almost impenetrable. (They have no database to hack, and they can’t be manipulated by users.)
  3. Static websites are cheaper to host. Because static sites are so lightweight, they’re super cheap to host, which means you can have more websites in your PBN. And the more websites you have in your network, the more links you have for your main website.
  4. FLATsite uses a remote, ultra-secure server. As if static websites weren’t secure enough, FLATsite’s server is also designed to give your website a super security boost.
  5. FLATsite is compatible with the SEO plugin Yoast. YOAST is one of the most popular SEO plugins, and it works really well with FLATsite. So, if you combine Yoast with the speed and security of FLATsite, your rankingwill soar!

FLATsite gives your search engine ranking a much-needed boost. If you want to boost your PBN rank even more, follow these six steps.

6 steps to boost your PBN rank on FLATsite:

1. Use high-quality articles.

Search engines are getting better at determining the quality of websites, so the articles that link to your main website must be of good quality. This means that, at the very least, articles must be grammatical, and they should be properly punctuated. They should also contain accurate information.

2. Ensure that articles vary in length.

Articles should vary in length, but make sure they’re neither too long nor too short. 600 to 1000 words is a good range.

3. Use rich media in your articles

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This includes media like video and text. Articles that contain these media usually show a bit more effort than articles that contain only text. It’s important that the articles that link to your website don’t look like they were slapped together for the sole purpose of linking to your website.

4. Make sure the articles are relevant.

If your main website is a pet store, but the websites that link to it are of such varied topics as cosmetology, astronomy, and gardening, that’s going to raise a red flag with search engines. To be on the safe side, make sure the articles that link to your site are all relevant.

5. Location matters.

Links perform best when they’re close to the top of your article, but some links should also be included in the middle of the article. Remember: The websites that link to your main site must appear to have no connection, so they can’t all have their links in the same place. Vary your link location, but make sure a good chunk of them are where they’re most effective: at the top.

6. Don’t stuff articles with links

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Don’t write articles that are filled with so many links that you can’t find a coherent sentence between them. Besides, if you use too many links to your website in an article from a supposedly unrelated website, your website may come under scrutiny. Try to keep your links to no more than seven.

The Takeaway

A PBN network is a bit controversial, but it’s definitely a fast way to improve your SEO. If you want to develop a strong PBN, boost your rank by making sure the sites that link to your website are fast and secure. And you’re going to need a lot of these websites, so make sure they’re cheap to host, too. So, if you own any of the websites in your PBN, be sure to run them through FLATsite!

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