4 Link Building Strategies to Improve Your PBN Network

Link building is still one of the top factors in Google’s ranking algorithm. So, if you want your website to rank high in search engines, link building is a skill you absolutely need to master. In this guide, we’re mainly focusing on how to use link building to boost your PBN, but you can use the tips in this guide to increase the ranking of any website. As a bonus, we’ll also give you tips on how to use FLATsite to increase the size and effectiveness of your PBN network. Let’s get into it!

How link building works

Google is pretty sophisticated, but its algorithms still need feedback to decide which content is valuable to visitors.

Backlinks from other websites is a strong indicator that your site can be trusted.

This is the main reason why a PBN network is such a powerful search ranking tool. Every website in your PBN network is a sign to Google that your main website produces useful content and deserves to be higher in search rankings.

Link building “strategies” to avoid

Some would say that a PBN network is one of the black hat link building strategies, but honestly, as long as your main website really does add value, there’s no need to be shy about using a PBN network. And remember: The traffic you build from your PBN will be completely organic. Visitors will click on your website because you’re adding value to their lives. You’re not tricking anyone into clicking on a worthless website. You’re just coming up with a creative way to put your content in front of the people who need it.

That said, there are a few link-building “strategies” you need to avoid at all costs. These will only backfire and can even get you penalized:

  • Paying for links. This is a violation of Google’s terms of service. Never do this.
  • Creating low-effort, link-stuffed content on your PBN network. This will push your PBN lower in search rankings, which would be a disaster for your main website.
  • Making it obvious that your PBN network is connected. Your PBN network should contain sites in the same niche, but that’s as far as the similarities should extend.
  • Contributing low-quality guest posts. This will turn potential visitors away from your website, and you may never be asked for another guest post again.

Now that we have the Don’ts out of the way, here are 4 link building strategies to improve your PBN network:

4 link building strategies to boost your PBN network

1. Increase the size of your PBN network

When it comes to backlinks, less is definitely not more – except when it is.
We’ll explain.

The more backlinks that point to your main website, the better.

Having more backlinks means your website is more likely to be authoritative and relevant, which are the two main features Google uses to determine where to rank your website. But you also don’t want to have one hundred links coming from about five websites. That kind of thing is suspicious enough to get you flagged – or worse.

So, to get the massive number of backlinks you’ll need to increase your ranking, you need more websites in your PBN. But the more websites you have, the more expensive it is to host your PBN.

Unless you use FLATsite, that is.

With FLATsite, you can turn all the sites in your PBN into static sites, which take up less space on a server. This reduces your hosting costs, so you can create a bigger PBN network for cheaper. (This is particularly great if you operate an agency.)

2. Reclaim links

Reclaiming links means searching for backlinks that used to go to your site but are now broken. There are lots of online tools to help you do this. Tools like Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer let you search for instances where other pages mentioned your website. This is a great way to comb through them for backlinks. If you find a page without a link, contact the site’s owner and ask for one!

3. Figure out how your competitors are getting links – then outperform them

If there’s a competitor who makes you green with envy because they’re simply drowning in backlinks, here’s what you do: Take a day or two to gather data on all their backlinks you can find. Do some detective work to figure out how they got those backlinks. And whatever you think they did, do it better! Think they created genuinely engaging content? Do that. Did they start incorporating more videos? Do that! Even if you never end up getting the specific links they did, you’ll push your PBN network to dizzying heights, and you’ll start getting organic high-quality links of your own!

4. Shout out influencers you want to work with

This is usually called “ego bait”, and it’s when you tag an influencer in a piece of content (like a list of “Top 10 gamers you should definitely watch”). This makes the influencer want to direct their viewers to the content, which means you’ll get backlinks! If you do this well, you can even get some great traffic from this, which boosts your PBN even more.

Wrapping up

There are lots of link building strategies floating around on the internet, but these four are the easiest to implement and the most likely to get results. Once you’ve added these strategies to your link building kit, keep adding more websites to your PBN network and incorporate these strategies on your new websites, too. And remember to use FLATsite to reduce your hosting costs!

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